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Meadow Well - North Shields

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allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 15:38:43


I was wondering if anyone knows the Meadow Well area of North Shields? I've been looking at a few properties around there recently, and they all seem really nice - in a quiet new-build estate, close to all amenities, really reasonably priced etc. However, I don't really know the area at all as I've only just moved to the North East a few months ago. Is it a relatively safe area? Would love any feedback that people might have, thanks!

MaisyPops Wed 23-May-18 15:44:00

It's not the best area in North Tyneside. There's a long history of unemployment and there were riots in the early 90s where most of the estate was torched in response to a teen dying in a stolen car whilst escaping from the police. It's better than it has been but for my Tyneside friends it was very much a 'we'd rather save longer and be in a better area' situation.

CheeseOnToastMmm Wed 23-May-18 15:44:07

Avoid avoid avoid at all costs!

Hmmalittlefishy Wed 23-May-18 15:45:43

The houses are cheaper there for a reason
I would avoid if you can

Glitterandunicorns Wed 23-May-18 15:49:40

Admittedly, it's been a few years since I've been to that part of North Shields, but I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 15:51:29

Thanks for the replies smile How is it compared to Walker/Byker? I live in Walker at the minute and it isn't great at all ha, but walking around Meadow Well today felt a lot more relaxed and safe.

allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 15:54:19

Also, just out of interest, which areas of North Shields / North Tyneside would you recommend? My budget is £115,000 max so right on the coast is very much out smile

poopsqueak Wed 23-May-18 16:03:09

Some of wallsend is lovely, and you would get a flat there no worries with 115k.

poopsqueak Wed 23-May-18 16:03:49

Meadowell is not the best area to be honest. Sounds snobby but I wouldn't feel comfortable walking around by myself.

gingerbreadbiscuits Wed 23-May-18 16:05:02

How much do you have to spend? North Shields near Grey street/Jackson street area might be a good place to look.

allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 16:05:32

Thanks for the info Poopsqueak. I'm looking for houses rather than flats, but I will add Wallsend to the list - to be honest I'd disregarded that area because I'd heard it was as bad as Walker, but will check it out smile

gingerbreadbiscuits Wed 23-May-18 16:05:50

Sorry just saw your price up date- flat or house? How many beds?

allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 16:07:36

£115,000 could push to £120,000 for something nice. Looking for 2-3 bed house. So far I've only seen 4 properties - 3 in Longbenton/Benton, 1 in Meadow Well.

ISeeTheLight Wed 23-May-18 16:11:00

Longbenton is quite a nice area. We looked there although this was several years ago. Alternatively somewhere more north-west of the city? Eg Blakelaw? Friends live near by - seems pretty safe.

ISeeTheLight Wed 23-May-18 16:12:47

Eg you can get something like this in Blakelaw

CheeseOnToastMmm Wed 23-May-18 16:13:10

Killingworth area?

dorothymichaels Wed 23-May-18 16:13:27

I would avoid Meadow Well too. What about Killingworth? You'd get something in your price range there.

ISeeTheLight Wed 23-May-18 16:15:20

And this one also looks nice, a bit more modern, nice kitchen, looks bright. You can probably also negotiate on the price and get it for £110k or so

allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 16:18:21

Those do look really nice, they aren't near a Metro though. Ideally, I'd like to be within walking distance of a Metro as I don't have a car at the minute.

I've got a couple of viewings in Shiremoor next week, does anyone have any opinions on that area?

ISeeTheLight Wed 23-May-18 16:21:10

There are plenty of buses that serve Blakelaw - both my friends commute by bus, takes about 10min into city centre. They're very frequent too.

Tequilamockinbird Wed 23-May-18 16:21:48

What about this in High Heaton? Decent area and on 2 major bus routes into town or to four lane ends metro.

Tequilamockinbird Wed 23-May-18 16:23:41

Heaton, Longbenton, Benton, Forest Hall, Killingworth, Wallsend are all ok.

I wouldn't move to Blakelaw, the above areas are far nicer IMO.

I've lived in Newcastle for 39 years, mainly in Heaton but also Wallsend.

PotteringAlong Wed 23-May-18 16:25:06

Do you have to be north of the river?

CheeseOnToastMmm Wed 23-May-18 16:26:46

Are schools important to you?

allalongthe Wed 23-May-18 16:27:02

Thanks for all of this information, it's all very helpful!

No, don't need to be north of the river - I work from home so it's not like I'm tied to a job anywhere.

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