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Door handle advice for UPVC door

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ACurlyWurly Wed 23-May-18 11:06:22

we have a square door handle on our door. you lift the lever to lock the door and it then stays in an upright position seen in the photo.
I want to change it for lever chrome handle but am wondering if the handle will also need to go upright when locked.
would this be a feature of the lock or the handle.
I have a door at the back of the house with a 'normal' handle and you lift to lock and then it returns to usual position but the front door stays up and cant be pushed down until you insert the key on the outside but returns to position on the inside.

I am not sure I am making sense but can anyone help?

LOVELYDOVEY05 Wed 23-May-18 11:41:59

I have a square door handle on mine and after a few years the key started getting stuck in the lock Luckily it is only a patio door so not used much.

KitchenGuy Thu 24-May-18 01:46:22

Sorry to say it's a feature of the locking mechanism not the handle. You can change the lock eg. It says "easy installation" but it's often not as the locking receivers often have to be re-alligned. You need to check the backset if you buy a new one (the distance between the door edge and the centre of the handle hole) most locks are 35mm but some are 45mm or 50mm. you can most likely keep your existing barrel and existing keys. Good luck.

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