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Is it legal for my brother to live in mums garden?

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bowtieandheels Mon 21-May-18 18:30:42

As title says my brother wants to save money and is thinking of putting a large tent in my mums garden to live in for a year or so. Her house is in London, does anyone have any idea if this is legal? Would he need planning permission for a temporary structure? I've googled but can't really find much info on this. Thanks in advance!

Rocinante1 Mon 21-May-18 18:34:27

There’s a 28 day rule - you can use the land as camping for up to 28 days without planning, but if it’s not temporary then I think maybe he’d be asked to move? I suppose your mum could argue that it is enjoyment of her property, but since she’s not the in using the tent that might not work.

Rocinante1 Mon 21-May-18 18:36:15

Just go have a chat with the planning chap at her local authority.

FourFriedChickensDryWhiteToast Mon 21-May-18 18:39:23

is he living in la la land?
For a start does he have any idea how miserable living in a tent in winter would be?
and yes there would be planning issues with the local council.
However as half of London 's gardens have people living in sheds and garages, they might be too busy to visit.
Anyway it's not really fair on your mother is it?
She is the householder that would take the rap after all, not him.

BubblesBuddy Mon 21-May-18 18:43:08

Outbuildings might be permitted development but you have to meet all the conditions. These are listed on Outbuildings section in the planning permission tab.

Furano Mon 21-May-18 20:06:35

This gives an overview of the rules for putting a caravan on your drive or garden.

You can plonk a caravan in your garden and use it if you are a member of the household as long as you use the house facilities.

So OK for a caravan, but I don't know about a tent!

unfortunateevents Tue 22-May-18 00:17:11

Why can he not live in the house itself? Presumably he is going to be using the house anyway for cooking, washing and laundry? If the house can accommodate him for those activities, surely he would be better off sleeping on the sofa there than freezing in a sleeping bag in the garden in January.

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Tue 22-May-18 00:20:16

Could he not just live in the house? On a sofa if necessary?

Rach5l Tue 22-May-18 00:32:11

If he is already a member of the household it's fine.
A tent though - is he mad?? Buy a cheap caravan

bowtieandheels Tue 22-May-18 10:45:38

Thanks so much for your replies, super helpful! My mums place is small and she already has a lodger in the spare room but her garden is massive and yes my brother is a bit mad so thought he'd give living in a tent a go. He would run an electric cable down so would have a heater and lighting etc.

Furano Tue 22-May-18 11:12:06

if the house can accommodate him for those activities, surely he would be better off sleeping on the sofa

Maybe not in january, but for a good 8 months of the year I’d rather be in a nice tent than in a sofa! More privacy. More space. Comfier bed.

RoseAndRose Tue 22-May-18 11:18:07

Is the tent or noises/smells/lights coming from it likely to annoy the neighbours? If not, then no-one is likely even to notice, let alone complain.

AwkwardPaws27 Tue 22-May-18 15:11:54

A heater in a tent sounds like a fire risk...

Asdf12345 Tue 22-May-18 15:15:31

I'd get a cheap caravan, much more comfortable and should sell without much if any loss of money when it is time to move on.

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Tue 22-May-18 15:31:39

A heater in a tent sounds like a massive drain on your mum's electricity bill!

Murane Tue 22-May-18 15:38:58

If you are running an electric or water supply to an outbuilding I believe you need building regs approval.

Murane Tue 22-May-18 15:42:12

And previous poster is correct about camping being permitted for only 28 days per year without planning permission.

Happinesss Tue 22-May-18 15:47:31

I doubt anyone would care if there was a tent in your mums garden

QuiteUnfitBit Tue 22-May-18 15:50:15

Am I the only one who thinks it's a great idea! Where we are, it's about £500 a month to rent a small room.

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