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If you moved to Edinburgh , why did you do it and how did it work out?

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cherrytrees123 Sat 19-May-18 08:31:37

Planning to move back to Edinburgh after many years away. Living in a lovely rural area at the moment, but feeling under stimulated and adrift, don't fit in with the people etc. Not sure I am ready to be in a busy city with all the traffic though! Several reasons to move back, but i need encouragement!

MrsMozart Sat 19-May-18 08:33:55

Watching with interest smile

OP I hope whatever choice you make works out well for you.

FairfaxAikman Sat 19-May-18 08:38:31

I moved for uni. Stayed 10 years.
Having grown up in the country I hated it.

I now live on the edge of a Midlothian town, which is a great compromise - close enough to the town centre and Edinburgh convenience but a stone's throw from open fields so our area has an almost village-like feel to it.

Mistressiggi Sat 19-May-18 11:44:12

Try the Edinburgh local pages or the Scotsnet section for more replies smile

MoreProsecco Sun 20-May-18 14:11:27

Moved here over 10 years ago - moved in with my partner & changed jobs.

House prices have gone up here massively, and the property market is very strong, with the majority going to closing dates & selling for way over the asking price. I hope you've got an Edinburgh budget!

It's very busy during the festival, and there's the 20mph speed limit confusedthroughout the city..... but it's a beautiful city, with lots to do & see.

Where are you now, OP?

cherrytrees123 Sun 20-May-18 14:19:20

That's the problem... the prices. We have got a reasonable budget, but it doesn't go far in Edinburgh

MoreProsecco Sun 20-May-18 14:59:25

You also have to be aware of school catchments, especially at secondary school level - of course that might not be relevant to you.

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 15:04:57

Moved back 2 years ago after 20 years away. I bloody love it, am so happy here. Easy access to countryside but walk out the front door and as many cafes, cinemas, theatres as I want in walking distance.

cherrytrees123 Sun 20-May-18 15:18:15

Which area are you in Ocelot?

cherrytrees123 Sun 20-May-18 15:18:39

Schools are not an issue now- kids grown up.

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 15:28:04

Bruntsfield/Morningside way

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 15:32:28

If you fancy quieter what about one of the areas backing onto the Pentlands, like Balerno? Or somewhere by the sea like Joppa?

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 15:59:48

Budget is a big deal here - properties can go for way over valuation. But do consider a tenement or villa flat, or consider a modern townhouse which has not been newly built. They tend to go for less than older houses, even quite small ones. If school places aren't needed, I would also suggest looking for where the poorly rated schools are and buying near there. The area may be just as nice, but they will be muuuch cheaper, eg when you get out of the 'good' school catchment area in Newington house prices drop by about 100k. But if you give us a ball park of what you are looking for, neighborhood and, perhaps we can make some suggestions?

cherrytrees123 Sun 20-May-18 17:57:06

Balerno is a bit far out i think. We used to live in Cramond and i loved it there, but house prices are ridiculous. They have always been ridiculous, but i hoped to have a house with a bit of character at this stage and that's not possible on our budget. I love Cramond, but it's got really really congested and the traffic is horrendous.
We don't want a flat and would prefer detached if possible, reasonable garden, three good sized bedrooms. Near a park or green spaces, but also good transport links. Budget £580,000 , max. That sounds a lot, but it really isn't in Edinburgh.

Chocolatedeficitdisorder Sun 20-May-18 18:48:12

I grew up in Edinburgh but left at about 22. My Dd is at Uni there now and I absolutely adore visiting her.

I do sometimes think about moving back there but we couldn't afford more than an ex-council in the burbs or a tenement in the city, compared to the detached home we have here.

I live in Fife now, in a tiny rural village with beautiful views and quiet neighbours but I can drive to a rail station in 5 minutes and be in Waverley 40 mins later. It's perfect.

MoreProsecco Sun 20-May-18 19:03:50

OP, I'm near Cramond & you will definitely get something for that budget - although not likely to get period features round here-,have a look at ESPC - there's not a great deal on the market.

Have a think about Blackhall or Corstorphine, Orchard Brae, Craigleith for older properties. Trinity is nice too.

You are less likely to get a house in Comely Bank, Stockbridge or Murrayfield - and if you do, it won't be at budget.

MoreProsecco Sun 20-May-18 19:07:14

Have a look at this great property I found on ESPC - 7a Craigcrook Square, Edinburgh, EH4 3SH

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 19:12:22

Can't see detached for that price but nice one in Joppa, on sea front so has other outside space

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 19:16:13

Also love this Murray field one

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 19:20:29

If you include 1930s within your definition of period, the Priestfield area might be worth a look

hapagirl Sun 20-May-18 19:26:06

We moved here five years ago and never regretted it. We have three DCs and live in Merchiston. I love that we can walk into the City Centre or rural areas are only a short drive away. I find it really vibrant during festival time here. I’ve put down roots here smile Good luck with your move.

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 19:27:46

If space really does trump a city centre location you could go for something a short drive outside the city like this Alternatively there are fast and frequent train links to Dunbar and N Berwick. Its often faster for my friends to get into the city centre than me!

hapagirl Sun 20-May-18 19:28:04

Love that Joppa house!

CormoranStrike Sun 20-May-18 19:28:23

Would you consider just outside Edinburgh?

ocelot41 Sun 20-May-18 19:29:04

Yeah me too. I would LOVE to wake up to that view! The Humbie one is lovely too, but in a different way

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