Complete bathroom refurbishment cost (London)?

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AndrewLondon2007 Tue 14-Jan-20 10:42:01

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kirk28 Tue 01-May-18 20:58:32

I had a average sized main bathroom converted into a wet room in February as I had a problem with leaking water into lounge. Solution
was to first replace old fashioned gravity heating system with 18V Worcester system boiler and 300 litre tank in garage this cost around £3700.Soon after, about six months I had a wet room installed. The
materials were supplied by me and the installer first removed old Jacuzzi bath etc. & fitted everything
including complete retile in places plaster board was replaced repositioning new sink/taps fitted shower screen/support bar & new toilet he also fitted wet room base which slopes towards drain and fitted anti slip dark grey flooring throughout plus heated towel rail and a couple of glass shelves plus ceiling fan and poly ceiling. He also fitted Mira mixer shower and fixed leek on outside sewage pipe, It probably took about 3-4 weeks of intermittent work but for this he charged around £2800 about £600
above initial quote but I was ok with the extra as now I have nice
hot powerful showers up to 20-30 minutes no problem but generally about 10-15.Also no more leaking lounge ceiling. The anti slip flooring proved to be a bit rough underfoot for showering so I bought a couple of cream rubber bath mats to remedy this problem. The overall cost including everything but shower base and ceiling was around £4400. I did communicate with my installer through process
to ensure that things such as the shower height and even the position of the soap dish/shelves was right for me.

Whattodowithaminute Tue 01-May-18 19:30:20

Our builder has recommended budgeting for about £6k for a bathroom. We’ve managed to get costs down a lot with buying most of the fixtures and fittings from eBay (duravit basins etc for £200 max) it’s taken longer but I have the time and I have great quality fittings. Labour costs can be kept down minimising how much you are moving the pipe work etc. Good luck

SpringSnowdrop Tue 01-May-18 16:51:46

This is amazing- very helpful and thank you all So much !

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QueenoftheNights Tue 01-May-18 16:04:39

A lot of it is under your control because it depends on the cost of the materials- the suite, the tiles, the flooring, a shower etc.

We had a bathroom done about 3 years ago- large room.
Long bathroom about 12 feet by 6.

We had a suite etc from B&Q- not expensive.
Floor tiles in Italian stone- B&Q
Shower above bath
Tiles - 3/4 room tiled

Labour for tiles on walls and floor £1K
Labour for suite around £800
Materials about £3K

we bought all in B&Q sales when it had 20% off.

RulaLenskasHair Tue 01-May-18 15:33:14

Had one done three years ago (SW London) and paid about £3.5k for fittings from local builders merchant (v good!) and about £3.5k fitting - just replacement fittings, same place except shower other end of bath, new spotlights, bit of plastering.

I think this was the cheap end, and I wasn't completely happy with the quality. About to start the quote cycle again for the new place!

KentishLady2018 Tue 01-May-18 14:10:59

We just had ours done. It's big enough for a separate shower cubicle and bath.

We had new flooring put in. The floor under our old tiles was OK with some floorboards needing replacing. One wall had to be re-plasterboarded once the tiles were off. We relocated the sink and toilet so new plumbing was needed for those (the bath went where the sink used to be, so no new plumbing there).

So far the costs have been broken down as:

- £2.1k plumber for ripping out the old and putting in the new
- £0.9k tiler (he charged extra for the large floor tiles I chose - poor bloke had to carry them up the stairs one at a time and had to borrow a huge tile cutter, so I can't blame him!)
- £3k (ish - can't quite remember) for all the fixtures and fittings (corner bath, large shower cubicle, mixer shower with rain head, etc, loo, sink, cabinetry)
- £1k for the tiles (my floor tiles were about £100 each, the wall tiles were £10 each and the mosaic panels were £40 each) - we only did full height tiles in the shower cubicle - the rest of the bathroom was just over half wall height.

We'd been budgeting about £8k and I think by the time we're done we'll be at that, but that will include painting, new blinds, new towels and decorative items too.

We used City Plumbing for all the main parts. They were really good. Only a couple of wrong items delivered, and no issues whatsoever with getting replacements. Worth getting a plumber to buy the stuff though as they'll get a trade discount.


SeaLionsOnMyShirt Tue 01-May-18 13:58:46

We did a normal sized family bathroom, together with a small shower room next door in a London flat a couple of years ago. Came in around £10k for the two rooms, including a new stud wall & shower cubicle, sorting out some damp issues, labour and new suites, tiles, flooring etc.

nottwins Tue 01-May-18 12:42:48

Quoted £10k labour for a big bathroom that will include wet room area. Ouch.

Also quoted nearly £20k... (although that is from a builder that charges VAT and with a project management company that adds a commission on top.)

parkview094 Tue 01-May-18 08:52:34

We've had 2 bathrooms refurbished. Both were around £5k in labour (Surrey). One was a conversion of a bedroom to a bathroom so needed significant new pipework. The other was knocking a separate WC/Bathroom into one. Buying the sanitary-ware online and shopping around was probably 30% cheaper than bathstore.

LadyWithLapdog Tue 01-May-18 06:13:43

We went with Wickes, so not too expensive but still came up to well over 10K. It looks gorgeous. (I wouldn't recommend, however, simply because I had to stay in to await deliveries 4-5 Saturdays, they kept promising then not turning up; really terrible communication).

user1489844432 Tue 01-May-18 05:53:25

I am in process of getting quotes now. I got two so far 3700 and 4100 for labour only. Total refurb incl top to bottom tiling. The bathroom is around 6m2. I am in London. Keen to see how above quotes compare with others.

Some fitters offer fit and supply option so it may help you with choosing the right suite etc.

SpringSnowdrop Mon 30-Apr-18 22:15:32

Does anyone mind giving me any advice at all as I have had my head in the sand

(I really don’t know how to choose a single fixture or fitting to get a ‘nice’ bathroom organised!! I just want something that’s a safe option that will last)

We have a crumbling floor and generally depressed looking bathroom so have reached a point just have to put a new one in.

I would really love an idea of how much it has cost anyone to do this (I don’t have dimensions but our bathroom is small , just has a normal bath and toilet, basin and tiled floor and not much space)

Thanks so much ! I’ll be so grateful if anyone has coped with doing this and so many of my friends would actually enjoy it but I just get quite stressed before even starting!

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