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Bonkers removal quote - pickfords

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Justalittlebitblondie Wed 25-Apr-18 19:23:45

We're moving about fifty miles - one reasonable sized house (three bedrooms) so one van... Pickfords think it will take three days and cost over £2k... anyone else had similar experience?

Timeforabiscuit Wed 25-Apr-18 19:28:21

Mine was £800 for a two bed, is the three days including packing service? Do you have alot of rooms in total (garages, attic, outbuildings?) Or pieces needing several people to shift/Expensive items?

£2,000 could be reasonable..

Smartiepants79 Wed 25-Apr-18 19:28:50

We moved 2 years ago. 3 bed property. about 30 miles. needed 2 vans though if I remember.
It was over £2000 and took 2 days. 1 to pack a lot of the house into boxes and then the next day to load and move.
We had several quotes and I don't remember the costs varying hugely.
£2k sounds about right to me depending on how much stuff and how many large pieces of furniture you're moving.
Also area of the country will make a difference.

MirandaWest Wed 25-Apr-18 19:30:12

When we moved recently the quotes varied massively. We realised one of the large ones just didn’t want the job so quoted very high.

MyRunMyPace Wed 25-Apr-18 19:32:09

We've had extortionate quotes from Pickfords in the past too.

user1471530109 Wed 25-Apr-18 19:32:14

£600 for removals from 3 bed to a 3 bed. Average amount of crap I'd say.

£150 extra for packing.

Midlands area.

user1471530109 Wed 25-Apr-18 19:32:34

6 months ago.

Caroian Wed 25-Apr-18 19:48:29

As with all these things, you need to get several quotes. This will give you something local to compare to - it may be that that is a competitive price in your local area because it is what all the local firms charge.

I'd ask for clarification on why it will take three days though? It is usual for it to take a day to pack up a 3 bed house and a day to move and unload, so I'm not sure what the third day it. 50 miles it not so far that a whole day will be required just for travel!

Equimum Wed 25-Apr-18 19:50:05

It depends a bit on where you are and what the quote involves. We moved about 8 miles, from a two bed house (2 children), and only had the kitchen packed, and quotes wer £800-1000!

GoldenEvilHoor Wed 25-Apr-18 19:53:01

Pickfords seem to deal a lot with company moves. I found them very unaffordable when they quoted for my move. A local firm could be a lot cheaper.

Justalittlebitblondie Wed 25-Apr-18 19:56:47

We had to get a quote from them and two others - the £2k is supposed to include a discount!

Just to clarify we are packing and providing the boxes hmm

Justalittlebitblondie Wed 25-Apr-18 19:57:58

Is up north too so really only an hour down the road... don’t think they will be the cheapest somehow!

2tired2bewitty Wed 25-Apr-18 19:59:25

Pickfords have just quoted us £2.5k to move a four bed 200 miles. It will take three days because of the distance and difficult access at the other end.

Do you live far from a Pickfords depot? Another national firm quoted us nearly a grand more but I think that was because they’d have to travel quite a long way to us before they’d even started.

HelloHouse Wed 25-Apr-18 20:01:34

We moved from a five bed to a four, 2 days, they packed everything in the house took apart beds curtain poles wardrobes sofas etc. £800 local firm in midlands. Pickfords quoted us 1k! One year ago

HelloHouse Wed 25-Apr-18 20:02:07

Should have added - if we packed ourselves and provided boxes was £450

Justalittlebitblondie Wed 25-Apr-18 20:06:41

Is so reassuring- thanks for all your comments- have queried it with them - can’t say have been overly impressed so far and this just seems to confirm it!

HelloHouse Wed 25-Apr-18 20:31:31

I really didn't like Pickfords. He came in a suit confused sure he wouldn't be moving me like that!! I told him I was an estate agent, but he obviously want listening and went to great lengths explaining the difference between exchange and completion and what happened on the day---- of moving

Justalittlebitblondie Wed 25-Apr-18 20:46:01

Completely agree - almost felt like he was patting me on the head as he wanted to show me how the would look after my carpet...

MixedHerbs Wed 25-Apr-18 20:53:16

Blimey! I used Pickfords for my 60 mile move from London to Kent a few years ago. They did provide some boxes but no packing, 4 bed 3 recep house. £1800. All done in a day and a half. I was pleased with them, mind you they were from the Bromley depot.

wonkylegs Wed 25-Apr-18 21:14:20

Pickfords was the most expensive quote we got.

We ended up going with a regional firm who weren't the cheapest (cheaper than pickfords though) but answered the right questions and set my mind at ease with regards to access (ours was shit - but they used 3 smaller vans instead of one big one) and were good with our piano and plants.

50miles, 5 bed house, our own packing & boxes, rubbish access one end, good the other.

wonkylegs Wed 25-Apr-18 21:15:32

Sorry was supposed to say £1800, I think the piano put off pickfords as this seemed to whack up the price.

0range99 Wed 25-Apr-18 21:20:01

I've moved twice in a year. 3 bed house.

Pickford charged £1200 to pack and move us, two blokes, massive lorry, took two days.

The second time they quoted £2.5k - think they didn't want the job, so I got a quote via Anyvan and got all moved by two guys in a Luton van for £350 shock

VanillaSugar Wed 25-Apr-18 21:21:34

Mine’s over 4 grand to move 10 miles hmm

ChanandlerBongsNeighbour Wed 25-Apr-18 21:35:33

Paid about £800+VAT to move an already boxed/packed three bed up north to storage unit down south.

Easilyflattered Wed 25-Apr-18 21:42:42

For a 20 mile, move with packing one day and moving the next I have just been quoted 1800 and 1950. For a four bedroom house and single garage.

One national firm, one local company, both BAR registered.

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