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Help me feel less bad about this...

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Mybabystolemysanity Mon 23-Apr-18 19:30:46

Accepted an offer on our house this afternoon from the second of two couples to have second viewings this weekend.

Couple number 1 have rung me tonight asking us to allow them to get their sale finalised so they can make an offer too. They are elderly and very sweet and I didn't have the heart guts to say we had accepted another offer today.

Now I feel terribly bad for them. But we can't really wait. I'm having baby no2 in 12 weeks and we've found a house we want with vendors who can move to our timescales. I feel we've been well advised by our solicitors and that we've done the right thing by our family.

Make me feel like a less bad person please!

Thegirlisnotright Mon 23-Apr-18 19:37:51

So the couple you have accepted an offer from are definitely in a position to move? If so then you have to go with that of course. Don’t feel bad- it’s just the nature of buying and selling!

Brittanyspears Mon 23-Apr-18 19:42:58

Don't feel bad you can't wait around. Its nice to know there are people out there with a conscience though! Haven't met them in my purchase history!

9GreenBottles Mon 23-Apr-18 20:09:54

If you were couple number 1 in this situation and the person you wanted to buy from told them the reasons (your reasons) they had accepted another offer, would you understand their reasons?

You have nothing to feel bad about flowers

JenBarber Mon 23-Apr-18 20:11:08

If you can't wait then you can't wait.

Don't feel bad about something which is out of your control.

Mybabystolemysanity Mon 23-Apr-18 20:27:52

Thanks all...

If we waited we might have lost both the first offer and the other, if their sale had fallen through.

I'm glad I can hand over to the solicitor to break the news. It's just the way it goes with house buying, isn't it?

MaggieFS Mon 23-Apr-18 22:16:46

Sorry to say that you should feel bad for stringing them along and giving them false hope. (if I've understood correctly). That's just mean. Nothing wrong with saying 'sorry it's gone'. If you're going to continue to be heartless/gutless, please make sure your solicitor know to let them know first thing tomorrow. You never know if something goes wrong, you may yet need them!

Mybabystolemysanity Mon 23-Apr-18 22:24:00

Thanks Maggie,

I don't think we've strung them along in as much as we made them aware that there was another couple in a position to proceed coming for a second viewing after them. When EA rang couple 1 for feedback today they said they wouldn't be offering until they had finalised their sale which involves a new survey because they've been trying to sell in an unpopular area for two years. That could be two weeks and our solicitors advised we could lose our first offer and then find the other couples buyer had pulled out on the back of the new survey.

Hope that makes it clearer. I told the gentleman we were taking advice from the solicitor because there were two interested parties and we would ask her to call him first thing tomorrow.

MaggieFS Mon 23-Apr-18 22:31:10

Well that sounds absolutely fine then! They're aware of the situation, they've chosen to/had to wait and you've received an offer you're happy to accept, so why wouldn't you?

Absolutely standard practice. Hope it all goes smoothly!

sausagedogsmakechipolatas Tue 24-Apr-18 07:41:40

It’s just a business transaction, and they are not proceedable. You would be daft to accept an offer that may well fall through when you already have a solid, proceedable offer on the table.

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