For £1.25m you'd think they'd have made it tidy!

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Mosaic123 Fri 06-Apr-18 13:05:19

I know Stoke Newington in London is an expensive area but really!

I'm assuming it's currently rented out and the landlord doesn't want to miss out on a penny of his/her rent.

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AgentProvocateur Fri 06-Apr-18 13:09:12

What a pokey wee house.

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 06-Apr-18 13:10:50

It's so expensive. Just been looking at houses. A house like that near me wouldn't be more than 400,000. But yes, it needs a tidy.

DearTeddyRobinson Fri 06-Apr-18 13:10:57

God!! I would be mortified if pictures of my home in that state were posted on a property website. Owner or tenant regardless.
I lived near Stoke Newington before it gentrified, it was a bit of a shithole. Can't get my head round £1.25m!

GrumpySausage Fri 06-Apr-18 13:13:29

I love how in some pictures Bryce just draped towels in the hope we won't noticed the clutter.

Hey couldn't even be bothered to move water bottles of the coffee table.

GooodMythicalMorning Fri 06-Apr-18 13:14:20

Also what was the point of putting the washing in the bath. Probably looks worse there than it would've done leaving it wherever it was.

Flightywoman Fri 06-Apr-18 13:17:28

That makes it look small and pokey and lacking in storage.

It's probably not all that bad, it's just very cluttered!


AlonsoTigerHeart Fri 06-Apr-18 13:18:45

£1.2 mill for a small grotty shitholetbushock

TSSDNCOP Fri 06-Apr-18 13:18:48

God I hope it’s the actual owners that have left it like that. You’d cry if you had it leased and had to clear that lot up.

Tottyandmarchpane1 Fri 06-Apr-18 13:19:23

I Suppose this makes them case for a professional estate agent - rather than an internet diy site - who would hopefully push some of that out of the way before taking pics. I know not all do but the good ones would.

GummyGoddess Fri 06-Apr-18 13:22:21

Could have at least put the toilet lid down!

When we sold our house the photographer had me moving stuff in and out of rooms while he took photos.

KiraL Fri 06-Apr-18 13:24:57

Eeeeeewww the toilet confused

chocolateyy Fri 06-Apr-18 13:32:41

1.25 MILLION POUNDS?!?!?!?

No wonder there is a housing crisis.

I'm in sunny Scotland, so I haven't paid as much attention to this as I should have.

That's an awful lot of money for not a lot of house.

I live in a gorgeous town in Scotland, and we've just bought a 5 bedroom, 4 reception house, with outbuildings, and a HUGE garden, and we didn't even pay 1/5 of that.

TokyoSushi Fri 06-Apr-18 13:35:31

Gosh!! It's that really how much people would pay for that house?! Is it made of gold??

I do wonder as estate agents why they don't say to people 'you need to tidy your shit up before we take the photos!!'

StormcloakNord Fri 06-Apr-18 13:35:37

Is this some kind of sick joke? That looks like a fucking hovel. 1.25 million?! I'm honestly gobsmacked.

I could buy a castle where I live in Scotland for that amount.

What the fuck

starsandstuff Fri 06-Apr-18 13:39:13

The only time I can look around my two bed terrace and truthfully think its better than a house costing £1million+, so cheers for this grin

MinorRSole Fri 06-Apr-18 13:39:34

Some of those rooms look a good size, all the crap in them makes it look small and dark though. And the bathroom! Put the toilet seat down, but clean the toilet first!
There's a 5 bed detached near me currently going for 250k - so glad I live in Scotland!

glitterbiscuits Fri 06-Apr-18 13:41:46

10 houses that size near me.

I have to admire their I don’t care attitude though. I could do it.
What would the neighbours think? wink

StormcloakNord Fri 06-Apr-18 13:42:14

@MinorRSole are you quite rural? That's really good. We just got a 3 bed detached for 234k but we live quite near one of the big cities.

spanky2 Fri 06-Apr-18 13:42:52

The seat is up on the toilet to show the stained bowl.🤢

smartiecake Fri 06-Apr-18 13:44:37

How much? Thats an absolute joke.

MinorRSole Fri 06-Apr-18 13:44:38

Very rural and northern. Prices just don't reach what they do further south although our pay is pretty good. I'm not near then capitals/oil capital though so haven't been affected by their increases

thecatsthecats Fri 06-Apr-18 13:47:35

Am I looking at it wrong or are there two bathrooms, not the one stated?

StormcloakNord Fri 06-Apr-18 13:47:37

We're just south of an oil capital (couldn't be more outing if I tried, meh grin) and the property market here has actually taken a bit of a dip. It's a buyers market at the mo absolutely nothing is selling for market value.

yellowfreesia Fri 06-Apr-18 13:48:58

Surely even by London standards that's a joke?!

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