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Howdens Tewkesbury in Skye colour

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cansu Sat 17-Mar-18 14:40:17

Am looking at kitchens and am considering this one as wanted an alternative to white or cream and this looks quite subtle. Does anyone have this and if so how much did it cost you (I know Howdens prices can range a lot, but just a rough idea would be great). I have a small u shaped kitchen.

KevinTheYuccaPlant Sun 18-Mar-18 08:33:46

Haven't seen it in that colour, but I was dithering between Tewkesbury, Burford and Burford Tongue & Groove when I was buying my last kitchen. Burford and Burford T&G both came in at £3,414 including VAT, Tewkesbury was £4,417 for the same thing. I decided Burford Tongue & Groove would do! Those prices are the actual quotes from Howden to my joiner, so no mark-up on them.

cansu Sun 18-Mar-18 14:36:25

Thanks, that's really useful as the pricing is so hard to guess at! Can I ask what size kitchen do you have and was that including appliances or anything fancy??

Diseno Sun 18-Mar-18 15:34:24

the price difference for the two kitchens above is that the Burford is a vinyl wrap door where the Tewkesbury is timber or a painted timber with veneered accessories

KevinTheYuccaPlant Sun 18-Mar-18 17:58:57

It's about 3.5m x 3.5m. This was the original quote, I took the appliances/extractor fan off it and bought them separately. (Sorry, the formatting will probably go horribly wrong on this!)

2 ACK1134 Pan Drawer Sides (x2) 35.50
1 COOK014 Asian Cookbook - January 2016 0.00
3 GIR0020 Worktop Connecting Bolt 6.00
1 GIR8115 Scottish Thistle Trivet 0.00
1 HJA2480 Lamona 60cm S/S Std Chimney Extractor 84.60
1 HJA2908 Carbon filters for HJA2480 & LAM2401 16.00
6 HKB1295 Classic Pewter Effect Knob 11.04
6 HKB1324 Pewter Effect Cup Handle 19.68
2 HYH5902 Kitchen 500mm Glass Shelf Pack (x2) 22.50
1 HYH8123 500mm Silver Cutlery Tray - Upgrade 8.25
1 LAM1701 Lamona Black Ceramic Hob Black Knobs 137.00
1 LAM3400 Lamona S/S Single Fan Oven 158.00
1 LED2102 2 x LED circular downlighters + driver 36.25
1 PLU2000 1.5 Dbl Plumbing Kit/App Conn 13.00
1 SNK5161 Lamona Ashworth 1.5 bowl rev & waste 126.00
1 TAP3456 Lamona Rhone Swan Neck Monobloc Tap 68.00
1 TLS9990 Fitters Pack 0.00
1 TWW5127 Tewkesbury White 500 Upgrade CC 4 Dwr Base White Cab 438.50
1 TWW5128 Tewkesbury White 500 Upgrade CC 2 Dwr Base White Cab 200.00
1 TWW5231 Tewkesbury White 600 CC Hi-Line Base White Cab 175.00
1 TWW5369 Tewkesbury White 931 CC Hi-Line Cnr Shelf Service Void 375.75
Base White Cab
2 TWW5431 Tewkesbury White 600 CC Full Height Wall White Cab 293.50
1 TWW5600 Tewkesbury White 600 Built Under Oven Housing Base 106.50
White Cab
2 TWW5712 Tewkesbury White 500 CC Full Height Glass Wall Light 312.00
Oak Cab
1 TWW5742 Tewkesbury White 800 Plate Rack White Cab 359.50
4 TWW591A Tewkesbury White Cornice/Pelmet Square Profile 2.4m 120.00
2 TWW5920 Tewkesbury White Continuous Plinth 3m 119.50
5 TWW5933 Tewkesbury White 910 Base Decor End 120.00
6 TWW5944 Tewkesbury White 752 Full Height Wall Decor End 114.00
1 WKP3295 Oak Block Eff W/top 1.4M Edging Strip 6.00
2 WKP3660 Oak Block Eff 3m 616 38 3mm rad W/top 190.00 F
1 WOR9042 Light brown jointing compound 9.00

cansu Sun 18-Mar-18 21:17:07

Kevin thank you so much; that is really helpful. I am going to go look at the doors at the depot tomorrow and when I get the quote it will be really helpful to compare as my kitchen is a similar size. Are you happy with your Burford?

hiddenmnetter Sun 18-Mar-18 23:34:25

Have a look at DIY kitchens. Our builder got us a quote from howdens with his "75% discount".

The same identical kitchen but with solid wood doors rather than veneered mdf from howdens came in nearly £1,500 cheaper.

Howdens can't match DIY pricing no matter what "discount" your tradesman gets.

KevinTheYuccaPlant Thu 22-Mar-18 20:36:23

I'm very happy with it, albeit I don't live with it, it's in a holiday let. Guests are happy so far though, and it's easy to wipe down (popped in today to see what needed doing before the next lot arrive on Saturday and saw that the last ones had spilled coffee all down the front of the cabinet under the sink!).

KevinTheYuccaPlant Thu 22-Mar-18 20:42:27

All design faults mine rather than Howdens, by the way grin I'll let their designer loose on the next one though, which is going to be a much bigger room (and has a utility, so no appliances spoiling the run - built in ones are just a pain, but they do look a lot better).

cansu Thu 22-Mar-18 22:00:45

It looks lovely; especially like the plate rack unit! Thank you. I have a builder coming round next week to discuss. Am v excited as I currently have a very ramshackle mismatched old kitchen.

lolalotta Sat 14-Apr-18 13:22:55


JT05 Sat 14-Apr-18 13:33:19

I have Tewksbury in Antique white in frame, and love it!
My only advice is to avoid the 300cm cupboards if you can. They don’t hold much and you can’t put a pull out Interior in the framed ones.

JoF1975 Tue 01-May-18 19:53:13

We’re currently having the Tewkesbury Skye fitted and the colour is great. Definitely haggle with Howdens as our quote started at £14k and we ended up at £9k with them matching a B&Q quote.

Worieddd Thu 28-Jun-18 16:41:59

JoF1975 and cansu

How did your kitchens go? What did it cost you In the end? We have just been to howdens today and I am set on this colour!

cansu Thu 28-Jun-18 18:56:45

I didn't go for it in the end mainly down to cost as the Howdens quote was too much. I went for a Benchmarx kitchen called Somerset in pale green which has just been fitted and looks lovely. I would say it is the equivalent of Tewkesbury as it is a timber framed door. I ended up paying 4k for units, worktop, microwave and inserts plus one carousel. Fitting and other appliances were on top of this. I am very happy with it. I think the cost with Howdens depends very much on how much discount is passed on. I also think buying kitchens towards the end of the month is a good idea as they often have sales targets to meet so are more amenable to negotiate. If you really like the Howdens one, go somewhere else first and then ask them if they can beat the quote.

Worieddd Fri 29-Jun-18 11:01:53

Thanks for replying cansu that’s very helpful

Chacks01 Mon 22-Oct-18 11:58:54

I am in the process of ordering my Tewkesbury Antique White from Howdens at the moment and their pricing has been all over the place. My dad is the account holder and with his full discount passed down to me the kitchen was coming out at £12k! Nearly spat my tea out as its not a large kitchen at all. The sales person told me he could discount better than what my dad could get and offered £8,500. They charged us silly money for the little things - taps, belfast sink etc so took all this out to source ourselves and its now down to £6,500. Pretty sure they pluck prices out the bloody sky to be honest!!!

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