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Painted lining paper looks like it’s got a bad case of pimples

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Littlepleasures Tue 13-Mar-18 19:09:35

Could kick myself. Got dining room ceiling skimmed before getting decorator in. We’ve had him before and been pleased with his work. Thought the walls were in an ok condition and decorator lined and painted them. Job finished and paid for. Looked great but now furniture etc back in, when lamps are on, it looks like the painted lining paper has got a bad case of chicken pox. I wish now I’d paid the extra to get the walls skimmed while we were at it but new carpet, curtains, sofa, dining table and chairs and 3bookshelves worth of books are all in and I can’t face taking everything out again to put it right and am just trying to camouflage the walls as best I can with pictures and a huge mirror. Anyone else had this problem? What causes it? I was expecting the odd bump and lump as they are 90 year old walls but this honestly looks like there’s been grit in the paste. I don’t know why I didn’t notice during the job when he could have put it right and it’s not usual for him to do a duff job.

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