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Type of boiler for shower?

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Germantree Tue 13-Mar-18 08:49:11


We recently moved into a small 3 bed 1 bathroom house with a 24kw combi boiler. There are 6 radiators. The water pressure in the hot tap is very poor (cold pressure seems fine). I tested the water by timing with a bucket - just under 12litres in 1 minute.

Currently the shower is electric and it's pathetic - we were thinking of changing the shower to be powered by the combi boiler but after a bit of research I'm now not so sure that the pressure will be any better.

Do you think we shoukd stick with our electric shower and look into ways to increase the pressure (alrhough preliminary research leads me to believe you can't massively change the pressure in electric showers) or is it worth switching to our combi boiler despite the low pressure or should we be looking to install a hot water tank with a view just to use it for showers and baths?

I have no understanding of boilers at all so any guidance would be appreciated!

Svalberg Tue 13-Mar-18 11:26:21

We put in a pressurised tank which made the world of difference. If your mains water pressure is good (indicated by the cold water pressure being OK), and you have room for it, then look into it.

Germantree Tue 13-Mar-18 19:46:12

Thank You, I'll look into this.

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