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Anyone had a Toto (or similar) toilet/bidet/dryer installed?!

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frasier Fri 23-Feb-18 23:31:13

And if so, have you had any problems with it?

Thinking of getting one for DP's birthday as they have raved about them ever since working in Japan.

If you have one, were there any plumbing problems and who fitted it - the store you bought it from or independent?

Anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance.

Worldsworstcook Fri 23-Feb-18 23:53:50

I have a geberit aquaclean 7600 if that's the same or similar thing! Washed and dried my bum and encourages me to poo as I've ms and things don't work like they should! It has no touch flush and remote control to personalise settings such as water temp or air drier temp, intensity and spray.

It's a godsend! I love it! Dd loves it, DS loves it, DH only recently started to use it although I've had it 7 yrs. now he loves it too. Saves a fortune in loo roll!

It wasn't difficult to fit, obviously you need an electric supply. Mine was fitted in an afternoon. Aside from the expense I think everyone should have one. Maintenance is easy, wd40 once a month keeps the washer and drier arms lubricated. I used a disability stockist for mine so he had several fitters he could recommend.

frasier Sat 24-Feb-18 00:08:01

Worldsworstcook Thanks.

Sounds good. Never thought about the saving on loo roll!

If you don't mind me asking, did you get any discount because of your disability? I remember being told I could get tax back or no vat or something on a bed once because of mine... Never bought it in the end though so have no idea how to go about doing anything like that.

InTheRoseGarden Sat 24-Feb-18 17:22:24

I'd love one of these but when I looked they were so expensive

frasier Thu 01-Mar-18 19:37:13

They are expensive, I was shock but they have come down in price since DP first saw them 5 years ago! I think they had to be imported then.

Worldsworstcook Sun 04-Mar-18 22:24:56

Sorry only just noticed you responded!! Silly me. Yes - it qualifies for zero vat. You just certify you’re entitled to it vat free.

I love my loo!! How many people say that smile

Worldsworstcook Sun 04-Mar-18 22:26:11

The shop/dealer will have the form to fill in. If they do ask you to pay the vat it’s very easily claimed back by submitting the invoice and certification form.

frasier Tue 13-Mar-18 23:13:25

Thank you

Any other smart loo owners around?

Dumbledoresgirl Tue 13-Mar-18 23:21:13

We're about to have one installed. We are having our bathroom completely gutted and refitted, hope to have the Toto loo in some time after Easter. Ours doesn't wash though. We only chose it because we couldn't find a comfortable loo seat but this one felt really comfortable. I hope it is! I admit I feel a bit apprehensive choosing something so different.

frasier Wed 14-Mar-18 00:08:59

Thanks. That's interesting to know. Haven't ever sat on one myself!

SlothMama Wed 14-Mar-18 10:29:29

After our trip to Japan last year my partner is desperate to get one! I miss the heated seat, toilets in Japan are so nice even the public ones. They put the UK to shame...

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