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Electricity certificate

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veuveo Wed 14-Feb-18 10:11:01

Would you insist on one?
How much do they cost?
Large house 4000sq ft.
They've had an extension and loft conversion would they have had one then?
I know the solicitor will ask, but surveyor just put this question in my head, to get it sorted before we settle on the price.

ImMrsBrightside Wed 14-Feb-18 16:58:48

Hi. I am currently in the (slooooow) process of purchasing in London and recently got quotes to have the property tested for an electrical condition report. Assume this is what you mean. The norm seemed to be around £280 (but again I am in London).

If the house you are buying is an older property it is likely to fail the tests for the certificate. For example a property can fail against conditions such as a bathroom light being to close. There are loads of new regulations and millions of homes are not compliant with new standards. This does not necessarily mean electrics are defective/dangerous.

Did the surveyor recommend you had one? Is there anything that alarmed them, old fuse box for example?

Ours didn't, just mentioned that it might be worth testing after completion so I looked into it. In the end we just had a check by a local electrician who carried out some basic and non-intrusive tests. Has given us peace of mind.

GreenTulips Wed 14-Feb-18 17:00:42

I think you mean a certificate they should've got when the new electrics were installed.

Yes they should have one, but it only takes one person to touch on switch and it's invalid -

Svalberg Wed 14-Feb-18 17:08:05

I'd be prepared to have one available for any works that I'd had done since moving in (extension, loft, re-wire), but any more than that would be up to my buyer to organise. And if they insisted on one, I'd tell them to do one (in my best bolshy way of speaking)

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