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Built in Ovens

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4yearsnosleep Tue 13-Feb-18 17:47:45

Any recommendations/advice/ones to avoid?

I want a 70L + single oven with Pyrolytic cleaning. I was pretty much set on AEG, then realized that they're made by Zanussi..... so should I look at Zanussi? any reviews on their ovens?

I was recommended Hotpoint and have been looking at one of their top of the range ones.

The Smeg Cucina is so pretty but their ovens don't seem to have good reviews.

I was considering Neff Hide and Slide until their door fell off on Bake Off!

I've also looked at Bosch and the bottom of the range Miele.

What do you have and recommend?

I love to cook and bake so I'm more interested in functionality and accuracy rather than a brand.

Budget up-to £600. Possiblya bit higher if there's a more basic version as I only definitely want the pyrolytic function in the main oven.

Thank you 😊

Poiuytrewq01 Wed 14-Feb-18 12:35:33

We had two Neff pyrolytic ovens in our previous property and the self-cleaning facility was great but on the highest setting the kitchen got unbearably hot, even with the windows open.

MIL has the Neff S&H one and it’s ok, that is it’s USP, I wouldn’t buy that over & above any other manufacturer.

FWIW, we also had Neff integrated coffee machine, d/washer, micro, larder fridge/freezer. They ALL broke within 2 years & because Neff had changed their spare parts (eg the design of little rubber seals) we were left in a right mess by them so I would never, ever buy that brand again.

We now have a Fischer & Paykel one which I am really pleased with.

For longevity & knowing what I know now, I will go for Miele any time if budget allowed.

4yearsnosleep Wed 14-Feb-18 13:35:14

Oh jeez. Maybe I'll be better with the bottom of the range Miele then?

The AEG one has a 5 year guarantee and the hotpoint one has a 1 year guarantee on labour, but a 10 year on parts....

Toothfairee Thu 15-Feb-18 19:18:16

Miele is always top quality IMO

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