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help I'm being driven bonkers by an unexplained noise

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intermilan Mon 12-Feb-18 13:49:40

I live in highgate N6, a year ago I started to hear white noise, no I don't have tinnitus, i don't hear this noise when staying elsewhere The noise slackens off around 3 am until 6.This makes me think that its some kind of power grid thing.However we have had electrical experts in to survey the house and electromagnetic bods, no results. We've switched off the electrics etc.The street lights were changed about this time, a new development was built nearby, and watermain repairs undertaken. could it be a cell mast? help if it was inside the building I could fix it, but how does one get the water, electrical, cell phone people to engage? Does anybody else have a similar experience? PS my radio suffers interference as well otherwise I would believe that I was going bonkers...

whiskyowl Mon 12-Feb-18 14:16:42

Could it be streetlights? I have heard that they can cause radio interference.

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