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Miller/Barratt homes anyone?

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Pollyinapocket Sat 10-Feb-18 21:48:04

Has anybody bought a new build home from either Barratt homes or Miller Homes? Would you recommend, good and bad points? 2 developments have gone up near me and would love a 4 bed detached just want to know hear other people’s experiences smile

Namethecat Sat 10-Feb-18 21:50:16

Barrett homes are notoriously bad. Google problems with Barrett home builds, don't know the other one.

MadisonAvenue Sat 10-Feb-18 22:07:22

We bought from Miller Homes 7 years ago. It was a positive experience, we actually did a Part Exchange with them (we weren't planning on moving but fell in love with the house while out killing time one afternoon and didn't want to lose it by putting our home up for sale and having to wait for a buyer). We agreed on offers and reserved the house on Dec 24th and moved in on January 28th (we had a brilliant solicitor who rushed everything through once his office reopened after Christmas/New Year, and Nationwide quickly arranged the mortgage).

Once moved in we had two years where they'd come out and fix any problems and everything we reported was quickly put right. Totally different to the previous new build we bought in the early 90s when we had just a month to report snags.

There haven't been any problems with the house, it seems well built and well designed.

MadisonAvenue Sat 10-Feb-18 22:11:15

Just to add, our estate is half Miller and half Wimpy and most of the Wimpy homes have had problems with their roofs, requiring scaffolding. Apart from a couple of neighbours complaining of water drainage problems in their gardens, everyone else is happy and it's quite rare for a house on the Miller part of the estate to come on the market.

Pollyinapocket Sun 11-Feb-18 18:52:00

Thanks @madisonavenue! We’ve heard that literally everything is an additional extra, I.e. grass in the back garden, dishwasher/fridge freezer, lighting. Is this true? How much are he extras? TIA smile

MadisonAvenue Sun 11-Feb-18 19:17:26

I believe that can be the case but we got a good deal as they were trying to sell the last few houses already built in order to start the next phase on the estate so the gardens were turfed and planted, all lighting was included, there was a cooker and hob but they were standard fittings anyway according to the brochure. Not sure about appliances but we had our own anyway so it wasn't something we investigated. It was also fully carpeted which for a three storey house saved us a fair bit of money. It's decent carpet too. They also decreased the asking price by £15,000 after we'd signed the reservation as an incentive for us to pull out all stops to complete by the end of the month. They had a meeting once back at work in the January, decided that they needed a house sold before the end of the month and we were the only ones at that time purchasing.

Marcin Fri 31-Aug-18 13:16:51

I would not recommend Miller Homes.....

AutumnGlitterBall Fri 31-Aug-18 13:30:39

I bought a Barratt home and it’s been fine. They were the only housebuilder in the area to not charge extra for turfing the garden! We also got a fridge freezer, washing machine, dishwasher, carpets and proper six foot fence all round the garden included in the list price and we bought about halfway through the development. Barratt guaranteed everything in the house for five years (except carpets) which is better than you’d get with an appliance from Argos or Curry’s. We’ve just had three windows replaced for misting and the bathroom light replaced as it just stopped working. I would buy another Barratt home but I wouldn’t part exchange again as they gave us the lowest price they could get away with and we took it because we were in a hurry to move and wanted the house.

batshitbetty Sat 01-Sep-18 16:36:18

It may be worth getting a professional snagging company out if you have a new build. I have friends that did, and he picked up loads of things their unprofessional eye didn't notice! Things that could potentially have caused problems after the 2 year period, so they felt that it was a worthwhile investment

MovingThisYearHopefully Sat 01-Sep-18 17:51:24

What batshitbetty said. (Great name btw grin) Snagging companies are worth their weight in gold in my opinion. You hear good & bad stories about all developers so it definitely pays to have an independent person check things over.

I have just reserved a new home myself with Crest Nicholson. They seem pretty good, but you still hear the odd horror story, so we will definitely be getting a snagging company in.

Timeforabiscuit Sat 01-Sep-18 17:58:28

I tripple recommend a snagging company! My sil has been burnt by her new build a little as the bath seal wasnt done correctly and leaked into the ceiling electrics.

The downstairs toliet also keeps backing up and flooded, and the kitchen hasnt been put in straight in a way that isnt immediately obvious.

Although still covered by the guarantee, they have to go through several layers of mangement company and insurance which is more hassle than getting it actually fixed, although i dont think theyve had to pay for anything themselves its just taken alot of phonecalls!

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