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May I ask you all about video doorbells

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DoinItForTheKids Sat 10-Feb-18 16:58:12

Are they worth it?

I'm thinking of the Ring one but the success of them in purchaser's eyes seems to be very hit and miss. Some fit them and have a fabulous experience with them whilst others seem to have a nightmare, if not with the doorbell itself, with the nighttime image quality or the app.

I'm one of these (well, apparently here on MN we're all meant to fling our doors open to any random person who knocks or rings at any time of day or night) people who doesn't like unscheduled callers and wouldn't mind the convenience of the ability to see who's at the door before I open it (that's just good security). Plus, I like in a house with two flights of stairs - how I've not broken my neck running down like the clappers from my bedroom at the top in order to get down before the postman with his parcel or delivery man turns round and buggers off again, I shall never know. With something like the Ring doorbell I could say I hear you, I'm coming, and then walk down the stairs like a normal person!

Has anyone got experience of the Ring doorbell (thinking the 2) or any alternatives (which there are a couple from Asia which are much cheaper and don't necessarily seem much worse - let's be honest, it's not exactly ground-breaking technology so I don't understand why they have to be quite so expensive for what they are).

Any recommendations, or experiences with Ring?

Alwayscheerful Sat 10-Feb-18 22:36:27

I am thinking of buying one too, the reviews are good. Maplin will supply and fit, there is a fitting charge of £65 they subcontract to a company who fit throughout the UK.

endofthelinefinally Sat 10-Feb-18 22:38:21

I have just bought a ring 2.
Not fitted it yet, but I like the spec.
You need a good wifi signal.

TellsEveryoneRealFacts Sat 10-Feb-18 22:41:07

i have one, and might get another for the shed for wildlife spotting

Humptynumpty02 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:41:42

I'm going for a Ring Pro, for all the reasons you've said above. A few friends have the Ring and all are happy with it.

mummymummums Sat 10-Feb-18 22:49:39

We have the Ring at my mum's as she's elderly and can't answer door. Unfortunately it takes ages on my phone to connect to the image by which time the caller has walked off. Not sure why - I don't see why it's my phone - I can usually connect very quickly. But my husband can connect quicker.

DoinItForTheKids Sat 10-Feb-18 22:55:36

So what you've said mummy, that's the kind of variability that I seem to hear about - my worry is, once fitted, that I'd be unable to send it back saying 'well it doesn't work, I want my money back' - and that would make me ever so cross!

I also saw this one:

and this one:

In a way whilst I'd want DD and DS to be able to answer the door if I'm not there (say to take a parcel in), I don't want them being alerted at other times so not sure how the Ring app would work with that requirement.

ForFuckSakeSusan Sun 11-Feb-18 07:54:56

I have a Ring doorbell and never had any issues, my phone 'rings' before the person has even pressed the doorbell & I can see them straight away. It also records whenever this happens which came in handy when a delivery driver threw my parcel over the fence without ringing the bell or leaving a note!

I really like it, especially being able to tell cold callers to do one without even getting up grin

DoinItForTheKids Sun 11-Feb-18 09:44:22

Oh forfuckssake you and I are cut from the same cloth! Never again would I need to take in yet another copy of the bloody Watchtower!!

ijustwannadance Sun 11-Feb-18 09:49:33

Qvc sell them and they are covered by their usual money back guarantee.

TellsEveryoneRealFacts Sun 11-Feb-18 10:12:34

I like it because I know when someone has tried to deliver my parcel, where they went when I get no red note through the door, and I even got it catching a man letting their dog shit outside my house, which I posted on the local 'spotting page' saying if they didn't come and clear it up I'd be sending the video to the local police. It had gone the next time I looked though.

Also, when people ring when we are abroad...and it means we can keep an eye on the car that is left when we are away.

DoinItForTheKids Sun 11-Feb-18 10:45:00

I love the dog shitting enforcement capability - they don't mention that on their list of features!!!

I might try QVC then if it doesn't work well in certain aspects, I can send the beggar back.

DuckOffAutocorrectYouShiv Sun 11-Feb-18 10:58:43

I like the idea of these but the WiFi in my house is beyond shite, despite DH trying all manner of stuff and spending a bloody fortune on stuff to improve it.

stopbeingabloodyvictim Sun 11-Feb-18 12:19:41

Love my ring doorbell. Will be getting the additional camera and light v soon

Many many uses. I have used it as a time sheet for workmen on a project we had done and to ignore cold callers and to answer whilst out and about But you do need decent WiFi I have their chime pro too which is a WiFi extender

I love that it alerts me before someone gets to the door. Just one word of caution they only keep your videos for 60 days now.

DoinItForTheKids Sun 11-Feb-18 12:25:42

Ok cheers - slightly concerned about my wifi. Its Sky but heavily subscribed to by three Chromebooks, three smartphones and an Xbox.

Can you save your videos to an SD card or download them *@stop*?

Does it take a picture when someone triggers it or start recording when someone triggers it (regardless of if they ring the bell or not)?

ForFuckSakeSusan Sun 11-Feb-18 12:32:05

grin I genuinely think they could sell the bells solely based on the ability to tell cold callers to sod off without moving!

Yes you can download,save and send the videos so can keep forever. There's different settings; I've got mine set to record as soon as the bell is triggered by motion and I can watch on my phone/speak to the person that's there (usually telling delivery drivers where to leave something).

ForFuckSakeSusan Sun 11-Feb-18 12:33:35

Also we have Sky Fibre and the amount of devices connected to it is ridiculous, it works fine. Starting to think I could be a doorbell salesman!

Cheeseislife Tue 13-Feb-18 19:54:53

Was really impressed by the Ring one - someone on Facebook managed to get clear nighttime footage of the scumbags trying to break into their house with it!

DoinItForTheKids Tue 13-Feb-18 20:28:08

Oooh. Well, I've taken delivery of a 2. Weekend - I'll have a look at the fitting of it. #exciting!

WaterBuffaloDancing Tue 13-Feb-18 21:06:42

We have the chime pro, best thing ever.

Loved being in Ikea and telling a parcel delivery chap to just pop the parcel round the side of the house and watching him do it.

You can set it to tell you when it is triggered or just when someone presses the bell. I also love the fact that it records sound. We have a motion sensor light so that helps provide good night time footage.

We went all out and bought the camera too so it is pointing out of a window at the back of the house at the minute, we'll be mounting it with the solar panel so we don't have to change the battery. We have a spare battery for the doorbell so we just swap it out.

The box comes with everything you need to fit it including drill bits. Genius.

DoinItForTheKids Tue 27-Feb-18 19:05:06

Well, I've fitted it and it's working like a charm!

I got the Chime Pro with it which acts as a wifi extender (which was needed).

I can proudly say that today I 'took' my first delivery whilst at work 10 miles away which would otherwise have been a missed one. Brill.

I love being able to see who's outside as well!!

I really love it and it looks fab on the front wall! Marvellous!

DoinItForTheKids Tue 27-Feb-18 19:09:17

I must say it's made me go a bit security crazy mad..... (same difference probably!).

I shall be scratching that itch with using different (security) screws in my French doors incl. hinges and possibly a PIR security light and cam on the back garden to put people off.

I now also want a new front door (mine's knackered and lets the rain in through the actual body of the door!) and I want a non-tamperable cylinder and a smart door lock too - ahhh, such fun!

Bit worried about myself, I don't know what's gotten into me!!

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