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Anyone project managed their own renovation?

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Goingslowlymad123 Fri 09-Feb-18 12:17:16

What's needed?

Window fitters have already asked for a schedule of windows, will ask the architect to compile one.

Electrician wants a plan to see where every socket and light will go, will the architect do that too?

Any tips gratefully appreciated.

NamedyChangedy Sat 10-Feb-18 12:29:17

I did, although not by choice. We had to terminate our contract with our PM a few weeks in - long story.

You'll need to get your architect to prepare as detailed specifications as possible, thinking carefully about every single light fitting and socket you'll need, as well as everything else - windows, doors, radiators, units, etc. Changing things later is inevitably more expensive and leads to compromises.

Good communication with your builder will also be essential - you'll need to know when every job is plannned for, so you can schedule tradesmen / have fixtures etc ready, and think about where equipment will be stored too.

I'll update if I think of anything else - I remember saying several times, "Next time I'll do this very differently!"

FinallyHere Sat 10-Feb-18 12:37:46

Project management mostly starts by knowing what you want, which will require a lot if planning.

One way to start, is by imagining the finished space look around it and record in detail what it has, for example where are the tables, where are the table lamps, where are they plugged in? That tells you where you need sockets. Of, and always go for double sockets , so you have some scope for expansion.

All the best.

minniemoll Sat 10-Feb-18 12:48:23

I've nearly finished a year long renovation, I've had a builder and his mate, with a plumber and electrician as needed - I've done all the planning, although my lovely builder has helped me out as necessary, by making suggestions and giving advice. For the main job (garage conversion) I downloaded a room planning app and put all my furniture into the rooms so I could see where I needed plug sockets, lights etc, then printed it out and gave it to the electrician. It wasn't difficult and I got what I wanted. The other jobs have been smaller (one room at a time) so we've done it verbally. I'd say the main thing is to be around as much as possible, and keep checking in with them - you'll get ideas as you see things taking shape.

My builder has a trick of telling me things can't be done, I say oh well, I'll have to live with it then (with a sad face) then I get him a brew and miraculously he manages to do whatever it was. And I make him another brew.... I've gone through boxes of teabags and gallons of milk!

minniemoll Sat 10-Feb-18 12:51:27

Oh, and I've sourced all the fittings and fixtures myself, mainly online or from B&Q (the builder picks up building supplies - wood, plaster, glue, plasterboard etc - and I give him a cash float for that). Amazon prime is great for bits and pieces in a hurry, it's amazing what's on there at great prices - I've been very impressed with the taps and door handles especially.

flirtygirl Sat 10-Feb-18 13:36:04

I did a renovation like Minniemoll twice. 14 years ago then 5 years ago and also renovated abroad.

I always project manage as it saves money and im a bit of a control freak.

Make sure you have the finished vision set in your mind and work towards that. Be flexible as sometimes what you may want isnt possible with the time or the budget.

Let the builder explain but always go away and do your own research and ask questions. Dont settle if you are not crystal clear or if you dont understand. Thats how you end up with things that you didnt want and then it becomes expensive or timely to change and correct.

If you can source the items yourself, you can save thousands, even open your own building merchants account and have everything ordered building material wise through there.

Dont forget to get the correct documents from each trade and sub contracters as needed, ie fensa cert for windows if they are not part of the building certification.

Goingslowlymad123 Sun 11-Feb-18 13:22:50

All so helpful, thank you. It's finding a builder though that will let you source all your own materials. Most don't like to allow that as it cuts out their profit of getting them and they seem to think you are incapable of ordering anything!

Lots of positive thoughts though - need to get one!

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