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Real Stone Cladding - is it a good idea? Anybody installed??

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PicklesMa Wed 07-Feb-18 16:13:44

After some advice. We are completing renovating the front and back of our property - it is currently a mis-match of v old cottage with two extensions bolted on (one from the 70's, one from around 2007) - whole thing has been very badly rendered in the past, which is now needing to be replaced for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Our initial thoughts was to just re-do the render but it has been suggested that we could use real stone cladding to add a bit of interest as it is now very good - apparently it is much better than the stuff of 70's/80's nightmare (!!) in terms of looks and function and when you look at the suppliers websites, it does look very nice - I just can't find any reviews or testimonials from people who have actually had it in installed. Anybody out there that can share their experience - any regrets? In addition, how does it look it terms of "realness" ie can you tell its fake and finally, is it completely waterproof? I would really appreciate to hear about any real-life experiences. Thanks v much

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