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Estate Agent lied about the viewings

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shelly0588 Mon 05-Feb-18 10:23:21

I am new to this forum and wanted to get some opinion on the estate agent being the liar.
We put our property in the market 2 weeks ago with the local estate agent and they set an open house date for last weekend. I called on Friday to check if everything is in place for the open house and was told that there are 3 viewers coming for the open house for viewing.

Finally on Saturday, the estate agent arrived and we went out, as the open house was only for 1hr, we were sitting in our car next few houses away for about 20mins. What we saw was that no viewers turned up for the viewing and the estate agent also locked the house and left in 20mins.

I am very disappointed with the estate agent for being the liar and not telling us that they cant arrange any viewers. I am disappointed because we both work 5 days a week and has a toddler as well, Its really very hard to clean/scrub the whole house to make it ready for viewings.

Did anyone of you faced the same situation and what did you do about it.

FauxFox Mon 05-Feb-18 10:26:59

They may not have lied. I work in an EA and you would be amazed how many people don't turn up for the appointments they've made. If the agent lies and says people had viewed when they feedback re: open house then obviously that's not OK but it is likely they are as disappointed as you.

Redglitter Mon 05-Feb-18 10:27:10

Have you asked the viewings went & see what they say. Could it be the viewers cancelled? Unlikely all 3 I know but id be asking for feedback from these viewers before deciding what to do next

shelly0588 Mon 05-Feb-18 10:34:59

Thanks for your responses.

We are still waiting to receive a call from the estate agent to get some feedback and see what they say. I still think they lied because estate agent called us an hour before the open house and said he will be coming bit early because a viewer is coming with him for the viewing and when EA came no1 was with him and no1 turned up later as well.

whiskyowl Mon 05-Feb-18 11:10:53

I would wait and see what they tell you about the viewings. If they do lie and say that people turned up when no-one attended, I'd ask for a refund of your entire costs and go with another business. If there is an explanation, however - people not showing up etc. - then that isn't really within their control.

ElsieMc Mon 05-Feb-18 11:12:52

Not come across this but our original EA told us they had a viewing for my mum's house after I told them I wanted to terminate the contract with them. There was no viewing as I got the ndn to look out. Clearly I had made the right decision.

I agree that rude people not turning up are not the EA's fault at all. It must be frustrating for both parties because the EA wants to make the sale as much as you want to sell.

Give them a chance. I bet they are embarrassed. It does seem strange to have an open house for a newly marketed property. I don't like the concept of open house. It seems a bit embarrassing, rather like having a day out or killing some time and sizing up the other potential buyers.

shelly0588 Mon 05-Feb-18 11:42:40

Ya, I am waiting for their call and see what they say. If they dont call, I will call to get the feedback.

I will post back once I receive any response from the EA.

Pixiedust1973 Mon 05-Feb-18 12:09:35

It is very unlikely that they would of booked all 3 viewers in for the same time. They usually book them in 15 minute slots, even for an open house, unless its really busy. If they were genuinely expecting 3 lots of people then they'd of waited longer than 20 minutes.

We had this bullshit with our previous agents, so when we lost our buyer we decided to go on with Purplebricks & do our own viewings rather than let the agent do them. This is working out so much better for me. In all except one case people book via the online calendar for a later date, so you get a bit of notice. We had someone phone us once to say they were in the area & could they pop over, but thats rare.

Only drawback is that getting feedback has been a bit like pulling teeth, where people don't respond to either us, our local agent, or the automated emails that get sent out requesting it! With an agent doing viewings then they can ask on the spot what they think & people may be more honest with them than they are with a vendor!

shelly0588 Mon 05-Feb-18 12:16:26

Pixiedust1973, you are right that they should be booking the viewers in at least 15mins slots. Now I am more inclined to think that the Estate agent were lying because we received the booking emails all for the same time.

And I just remembered that when the EA left, he came out like 2-3 mins earlier to check if we are still around but he cant see us as we parked bit away and he dont know which car is ours.

But I will still wait to receive the call for the feedback from them.

Half day already gone still no call from the EA.

shelly0588 Mon 05-Feb-18 14:28:58

Still waiting to get the call from the estate agent. Is it worth calling myself and ask for the feedback or I should wait for them to call.

ladybirdsarelovely33 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:27:08

Yes definitely call them. Just ask them how it went.
Then you will know. You could disinstruct them based on if you find them to be lying. If possible go in and ask them because then you can see the reactions on their faces when you tell them you were sat outside.
I suspect they were lying to you. Unfortunately a lot of them do.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Mon 05-Feb-18 16:49:06

Heard of similar happening recently to a friend of dd. Only in her case even the EA didn't show up - she was unexpectedly home when they'd thought she'd be out - and EA later said the viewing had gone well!
I gather she's now changed agents.

shelly0588 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:03:49

We finally decided not to call EA today and wait for their call itself as they booked another viewing for tomorrow evening and have not called us to arrange the keys for the viewing.

So we will see if they call tomorrow to ask for the keys. Anyways we cant hand them keys tomorrow as we will be away from early morning until 6 PM as its working day for both of us.

So lets see what they do.

johnd2 Mon 05-Feb-18 21:51:10

I was right with you after the first sentence, but I can't see that there's anything wrong so far with their actions, especially since they haven't explained anything. I hardly think they'll rush to call you to give you no news whatsoever.
I think you have bigger issues than the estate agent, but if the trust really is that bad you need to talk to them then decide

wowfudge Tue 06-Feb-18 14:09:08

Just have it out with them. Why are you waiting for them to jeopardise the viewing they say they have set up?

whiskyowl Tue 06-Feb-18 14:16:24

I agree with wowfudge - if this is a real viewing, you risk alienating potential buyers here. If it isn't, then you still need to have a straightforward conversation about what happened at the open house anyway!

shelly0588 Tue 06-Feb-18 14:46:47

Yes , we are going to talk to them this evening after you have this scheduled viewing (not sure if thats true as well or not).

DH will be going early to see if any viewer is actually coming for today or not.

We left the keys with the neighbour if in case the EA calls to arrange the keys which they haven't yet.

But definitely we will be talking to the EA today end of the day and would probably terminate the contract with them if today viewing is also a lie.

FluffyWuffy100 Tue 06-Feb-18 14:57:41

Why are you being so passive aggressive and lame? Just call the EA and ask for feedback from the open house. Then you will find out if they have lied or not based on what they say re the open house viewings.

You are game playing and its pointless and a waste of your emotional energy. Grow up.

shelly0588 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:07:57

I wanted to call ASAP and talk to them straight but DH wanted to witness what happens this evening and catch them there & then.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:21:48

You are game playing and its pointless and a waste of your emotional energy. Grow up.

Agree with this. You're paying a company to provide a service. If you have a problem with them you tell them not wait to "catch them out".

Dailystuck71 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:42:03

You sound 12 years old to be honest.

MirandaWest Tue 06-Feb-18 15:45:27

Just phone them up.

letsdolunch321 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:46:46

Why waste your time !!

Speak to the agents asap

shelly0588 Tue 06-Feb-18 15:53:33

Just called to get the feedback and the lady who picked up the phone said she will ask the dedicated EA to call me back as soon as he can, so waiting for his call else I will call again in 30 mins.

Catterfly Tue 06-Feb-18 19:32:47

How did you get on shelly ?

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