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Can I drill holes in my neighbours fence without permission?

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Flowertots Sun 29-Apr-07 16:16:36

Heard horror stories about problems with plants/gardens etc in neighbour disputes and don't want to start one....but

My neighbours are horrid and I need to attach some vine eyes in their fence to support my grape vines. Am I allowed to without permission? Obviously I'm talking about doing it on the side of the fence in my garden.

cece Sun 29-Apr-07 16:30:11

Depends if they find out?!

If it won't show on their side then think I might be inclined to wait till they are out and just do it. FWIW we have attached trellis to fences before without asking.

melminx Sun 29-Apr-07 16:37:55

who paid for fence or was it there when you moved in? we paid for ours and it cost 500 to do as our neighbours a nasty nosey single mum and i'd be quite pee'ved if she started drilling into the fence.

NannyL Sun 29-Apr-07 17:55:30

i have just put up a new fence in my garden ...

my neighbours had a few bits secured onto it (the old fence)

personally i couldnt care less if they re-secure them on 'my' new fence!

IMO it may be my fence but its there side of the garden and i wont see it

IMO life is too short to make a fuss about such mundane things, each to their own and all that!

maybe im to laid back but hey!

melminx Sun 29-Apr-07 18:27:04

my grievance w is that if SHE damaged it WE would be the ones paying to have it fixed. not being snotty or mean.

Blandmum Sun 29-Apr-07 18:29:03

Err on the side of caution, stick you head over the fence and nicely ask permission. Costs you nowt and helps to keep everything nice and friendly

hotbot Sun 29-Apr-07 18:31:37

just stick a bit if trellis in front with those plastic garden tie thingies

motherinferior Sun 29-Apr-07 18:32:50

I would be well pissed off if my neighbours drilled holes in the fence, whatevever the legal situation.

powder28 Sun 29-Apr-07 18:36:32

Yes, of course you can, if it's on your side

rantinghousewife Sun 29-Apr-07 18:40:12

No, you can't if it's on the right hand side of the boundary. Whoever put the fence up, if it's on the right hand side, it's legally theirs, so you would have to ask permission.

NannyL Sun 29-Apr-07 18:47:51

the righthand side thing does not always work

my fences are mine on the left, and all the fences surrounding my dads house are his

rantinghousewife Sun 29-Apr-07 19:03:06

It is only an exception if implicitely stated in the deeds.

Flowertots Sun 29-Apr-07 19:49:00

It is definately THEIR fence, no dispute over that. Talking to them over the fence is not an option as we've got some horrible history with them. Could sneakily put the vine eyes in without them knowing because it wouldn't go through but just want to know if I'm actually ALLOWED to do it or not.

speccy Sun 29-Apr-07 19:51:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rantinghousewife Sun 29-Apr-07 19:55:08

I wouldn't, if the fence gets damaged in any way, you will be liable for costs. Of course, it's your risk.

powder28 Sun 29-Apr-07 20:19:06

We have painted our side of the fence and the fence belongs to our neighbour. We have also put trellis up on another fence that belongs to another neighbour. They didnt complain. We also had a tree cut down that was on one of the other neighbours land, as it was leaning into our garden, but we asked him first and we paid for it.

HedTwigg Wed 11-Jul-07 14:26:06

personally I'd stick trellis in a couple of inches away so that they don't have any hold over you

FioFioJane Wed 11-Jul-07 14:26:43

i would go mad if someone drilled into my fence!

FioFioJane Wed 11-Jul-07 14:27:07

oh i see MI has said the same!

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