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In a Chain Support Thread Jan2018

(411 Posts)
YogaDrone Wed 17-Jan-18 11:57:20

New thread as ours is reaching max.

Old thread here In a Chain Support Thread Nov2017

THE place to vent and share all property chain based information.

Welcome all grin

OneMoreOne Wed 17-Jan-18 12:04:47

thanks to everyone struggling.

Artus I am also waiting for the Land Registry, and getting a sinking feeling. We have asked for ours to be expedited too.

When did you buyer send it off?

KitKat1985 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:48:58

Thanks for the new thread YogaDrone. Hopefully our move will actually complete before the end of this new thread. Lol!

YOLO2018 Wed 17-Jan-18 14:02:19

Can I join? Just accepted an offer from a couple still yet to sell. Yes, I know this is not the done thing but we are really restricted with when we can allow viewings over the next month, we cannot get to the area we want to buy for a few weeks and their property is very desirable and should sell quickly- only just gone to market. They agreed to pay a higher price if we could allow them a fixed time to sell. So win, win. Hopefully!!

I look forward to reading all f your updates and hopefully I will post more news soon.xx

YogaDrone Wed 17-Jan-18 14:24:18

I'm in the office today but my client cancelled on me and I CBA (and am too excited/nervous about the move) to concentrate so - powered by 2 mugs of tea and a twix - I give you STATISTICS! Go on, you're excited really wink

On our last thread -

23 reached completion (YAY!!) First to do it was Gizlotsmum
4 of us are at exchange (me, Tilly, and I think MrsJW and HoneyB confused )
7 were close but I can't find posts which confirm they completed (StormyIsland and Mussinboots I am looking at you! wink )
2 have dropped out and decided to stay put (catspants and ThomasRichard ) Who can blame them?
3 Conveyancing friends - therealreason, Tiglet2 and "spickle* who kindly gave answers and clarifications to our questions
11 who are in process
2 in a broken chain (fingers crossed Pixie and knitted)
1 brand new joiner - welcome YOLO2018 grin

My favourite quote of the last thread was by lubeybooby:
"I need to know if our vendors went to a specialist school to learn how to be cacophonous dozy thundercunts, or were they just fucking born that way?" grin

Plus honourable mentions to Raaraa for:
"big fat hairy balls to all the twatty vendors out there. special bejazzled ones to lubey's vendors. "

And Lazy for: "neck like a jockey's arse"


Finally to BunnyFuller for her idea of a daily award of an empty box to wear for most abject fuckwittery!

Special mention also to Nessalina who gave us our first "In a Chain" baby smile Hope you are both doing well flowers

Hi KitKat - I hope it will too!

May our paths to completion be smooth and uneventful. For everything else there is venting on this thread and gin

OneMoreOne Wed 17-Jan-18 14:46:27

Great summary Yoga!

YogaDrone Wed 17-Jan-18 19:40:17

Thanks OneMoreOne smile

Our packers come tomorrow and completion on Friday. I am nervous and excited and worried I've forgotten something (my lists are extensive, but are they exhaustive? wink ) I'm so looking forward to finally getting a decent night's sleep once it's all over!

I will see you all on the other side wine

KitKat1985 Wed 17-Jan-18 20:14:29

Great summary of the last thread YogaDrone!

I hope everything goes well over the next couple of days and you are having a glass of wine in your new home soon.

Artus Wed 17-Jan-18 20:23:26

oneMoreOne I think our buyers sent the application in at the beginning of December. So three months if it doesn't get delayed again. They have requested the application is expedited but dont hold out much hope. My worst fear is that one of the other people in the chain decides to pull out. Even if we loose our purchase we need to sell.

OneMoreOne Wed 17-Jan-18 21:39:17

Artus I found out today you can call the LR and ask where it is the process, and they can tell you if it's been expedited apparently, might be worth a go. Also worried we'll lose someone in the chain because of the delay sad

Congrats Yoga! Sounds like it's all coming along great.

Pixiedust1973 Wed 17-Jan-18 22:38:42

Thanks for the new thread & the summary of the old one Yoga! Not long to go now for you! smile

Bit of an update here. Curiosity got the better of us & we emailed last weeks second viewer to see if they're interested or not. Didn't get a no, so thats a positive! They said that its still early days for them as they only just considered this area & they still have other things to look at & research into the location to do before they can decide. Fair enough! Its better than a flat NO!

We have 2 more viewings booked between now & the weekend, but none immediately proceedable that I am aware. Had a call from our vendors agent today, wanting to know how we're getting on & informing me that if we don't get a buyer before the end of Februsry then it is likely they will be remarketing the house as a new listing. Our agent is convinced we'll be sold by then. Lets hope so! hmm

Spickle Wed 17-Jan-18 23:23:49

Hope all goes well for you on Friday Yoga, I'm sure I'll be lurking here for some time to come but at least for the next few years, your conveyancing nightmare is nearly over...!

OneMoreOne Thu 18-Jan-18 10:06:01

Not the best news for us today. Rang Land Registry and we are having to register a new title which is the long version, not the shorter timescale I'd hoped for.

Could be a couple of months, best could be a couple of weeks if it can be expedited. No idea how/whether/when to tell the other four people in the chain about this. There are some other things outstanding.

Annoyed at solicitor who I had trusted implicitly until this point. Told me it had been submitted a couple of weeks ago, LR said they got it this week. envy

It really does feel like you have to do every tiny thing yourself.

Artus Thu 18-Jan-18 13:27:34

OneMoreOne Sorry to hear that. It's so frustrating when it's out of your hands isn't it.
Our developers have said they will put the house we are trying to buy back on the market in February and if they get a buyer who can proceed more quickly than us we will lose the house. We have had to agree to all standard fittings and tiles when I had set my heart on upgrading the kitchen and flooring, but we cannot afford to pay for any extras if we are going to lose the house.

And all this is going to hang over us for at least six more weeks.

OneMoreOne Thu 18-Jan-18 13:35:30

Oh Artus that just sounds so shit. If it went in beg Dec they must be getting close. I have my fingers crossed for you.

If ours takes the quoted timescale both ours and our buyer's mortgages will have expired. I think I'll have to give up at that point.

OneMoreOne Thu 18-Jan-18 13:37:01

Give me the power to accept what I cannot control... or whatever that quote is!

bigsighall Thu 18-Jan-18 14:04:35

Can I join?! We are buying (not selling) there is no chain. Solicitors instructed in sept and we still haven’t exchanged. Soooooo painful!

MussInBoots Thu 18-Jan-18 16:16:09

Fantastic summary @YogaDrone! Happy to hear you're almost done! We're still plodding along. Seller wants more money than we have so will find out soon if we can still continue or not... have given up many times but then keep coming back for more!

timeforheroes Fri 19-Jan-18 05:23:55

I fell off the last thread as it’s all went a bit wobbly for a while. Buyer’s solicitors have been awful. Was meant to exchange before Christmas but they stopped returning all calls. They got the buyer in to sign and pay the deposit in the 5th ready for exchange. Then on that day they decided to flag up another query citing a defective title plan and boundary issues. I posted about it under another username, but don’t mind the outing now. Took a week of going back and forth to get that sorted, an email from Land Registry confirming we were in the right solved that. Hoped to exchange on Monday, our buyer even told us we were, found out the mortgage hadn’t even been requested.

Buyer’s solicitors were told from day one that we needed to exchange to book our international removals. Went back and forth about that until I just snapped and told them we were completing this Friday or we would pull out. We finally exchanged yesterday, and now I’m awake doing last bits before removals arrive at 7am.

We did have to book the removals without exchanging, but had decided if it went tits up we would go anyway and market the empty property.

To say we were a two party chain it’s been horrendous.

Good luck to everyone in the process, this was our third sale since April 2017, it will happen! flowers

Hatehighheels Fri 19-Jan-18 08:41:07

Due to exchange today.....after 9 months of hassle....sure there will be another bump in the road before we here from the solicitor though!

YOLO2018 Fri 19-Jan-18 09:08:07

Good luck @timeforheros and @Hatehighheels Wishing you an easy ride from here on in!

MussInBoots Fri 19-Jan-18 09:22:36

Hi all, our seller is demanding we pay her 10K extra to exchange (apparently house prices in her area have gone up since we first put our offer in). We haven't got that money to hand and our mortgage offer is going to expire soon. Is it the done thing to reach an agreement with her to say to complete at the lesser amount and then pay her the 10k afterwards?

MussInBoots Fri 19-Jan-18 09:23:26

Sorry pressed send to quickly. Should've added that we're on the verge of losing our sale too and haven't now got time to look for other properties and go through all the legal work :/

Pixiedust1973 Fri 19-Jan-18 10:00:28

Looks like it has been one of those days, weeks months, years etc.. hmm

What a blow OneMoreOne. I do hope that the rest of the chain are understanding & that the land registry don't take too long to get this sorted for you. flowers

We have a similar situation Artus, except ours isn't a newbuild we're hoping to buy. The vendors agent has given us a date of 27th February before they will be looking into remarketing. sad Hopefully things come good for us both by then. flowers

Welcome bigsighall. Great & appropriate username! grin Any idea what the hold up is? flowers

Welcome back timeforheroes. So glad to hear that everything has finally come good for you after such a nightmarish journey to get here. Hope the move goes to plan today. Do pop back & keep us posted? flowers

Fingers crossed Highheels flowers

Im so sorry Mussinboots. shock What a shitty buyer you have. angry Its so hard to know what to suggest, because only you know your circumstances & what you need to do, or if you can even afford an extra 10k at the moment! If it were me id probably call her bluff & say, no can do. Not a penny more in the pot, take it or leave it. Chances are she won't, but you never know. Is there any truth in what she is saying about prices increasing so much in a few months? I find it hard to believe tbh! Big ((Hugs)) flowers

We had a shitty day yesterday too. Got some really offensive feedback from some timewasters who viewed. Its hard not to take it to heart, but ive woken up today debating whether to ask them to explain it or not. Have messaged our EA to see what she's got to say. All other feedback has been positive!

Hatehighheels Fri 19-Jan-18 17:21:04

So little update from me. We still haven’t bloody exchanged! I don’t know what the hell is stopping this going through..... I don’t know what everyone else solicitors are like but I’d like a bit more service even a little update like “we haven’t been able to exchange because of XYZ” I hate the radio silence!

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