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Bathroom - click vinyl flooring?

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MiaowTheCat Sat 13-Jan-18 17:19:17

After opinions - for a totally bog standard (pardon the pun) boring tiny family bathroom... no flashy underfloor heating, no flashy freestanding bath, no flashy anything at all.

Been told the vinyl is liftable and replaceable if pipes go versus tiles and I'm swinging towards this (plus I like the look of it as well) - is it as good as I'm being told it is? It has the chance of little sparkly bits in it which is kind of swinging the decision for my superficial inner 5 year old self at the moment. Have a few quotes but all the others have been just pushing floor tiles compared to these guys (who generally I'm inclined to choose over the others for various reasons) who really really like their clicky vinyl.

I don't like this "having to make decisions about the house like an adult" thing really - I just want someone to wave a wand and give me a new bathroom that's not avocado with a manky carpet and some money to go buy nice fluffy bright coloured towels!

Zhabr Sat 13-Jan-18 18:10:11

i have clicky vinyl in my nearly new bathroom. I like it, easy to clean. I went to BBQ, choose and bought it myself, builder fitted it. No underfloor heating either. Good so far.

OctoberOctober Sat 13-Jan-18 18:39:06

I'm thinking of putting this down when we redo our bathroom, keen to hear if anyone has had any issues.

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