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bad neighbour

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paulbrogden2007 Sat 13-Jan-18 00:26:09

Hello I do not know what to do can any one advise.

A while back I helped them out with their roofing by allowing scaffolding to be put up on my land. But things have got sour had a few parcels left with him and he kept on complaining about taking them in and saying I spent to long to come round to collect I never got a card. I did come round after checking amazons website but he was out he said he was not out. even though it was for my parents who was stopping over.

It seems to me this old man has an issue as he speaks very disrespectful when he needed help with the roof it sounded like he was telling me not asking me.

I spoke to a delivery man and he said the neighbour refused to take a parcel in for me. Given I helped this guy out I feel like he is a creep.

Any way I found a parcel for him round the back of my house seemed to be frozen food he still has not come round asking for it. some days after. The delivery firm uk mail left a card in my letter box for some reason.

The way I feel about this neighbour I did not want to go round as I feel if he wont come round why should I. I only moved in less than a year ago.

What should I do with it I have left it outside so it is cold but as of yet he still has not come asking about any parcel. What should I do?

wowfudge Sat 13-Jan-18 09:59:04

Just take it round to him. Like you, he doesn't know it is there as you got the card, not him. Don't make things worse than they already are. Next time you order something online either have it delivered to your work or if you can't add a note to ask that the parcel is not left with the neighbour at number x.

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