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These tiles?

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FacelikeaBagofHammers Fri 12-Jan-18 08:22:51

I'm building a house and thinking about these tiles for utility and downstairs loo.

I'll be playing it safe in the rest of the house with Oak floors, so could go a bit more mad with tiles.

Will these date? I hate tiles in general, but quite like these, esp if the rest of the room is plain! Also, they will require sealing as they're cement tiles, will that be a pain long term, would they stain?


LEMtheoriginal Fri 12-Jan-18 08:25:28

Noooo they look like samples! Seriously there us no rhyme nor reason to them. I like patterned tiles but there needs to be, well, a pattern.

PalacePalacePalace Fri 12-Jan-18 08:26:36

I love them. I'd been looking at the same ones, but think my house is too small to carry it off!

meandmytinfoilhat Fri 12-Jan-18 08:27:18

I love these tiles, I'm considering something similar for my bathroom floor

FacelikeaBagofHammers Fri 12-Jan-18 08:27:52

LEM, they are actually 'left over tiles', but as a result, they are really really cheap! :D

LEMtheoriginal Fri 12-Jan-18 08:29:41

That does change things somewhat!! grin

CourtneyLoveIsMySpiritAnimal Fri 12-Jan-18 08:30:10

I absolutely love them but I think they'll date quite badly. They're all over IG at the moment and it seems like everyone has a variation of them.

hormonalhorrorshow Fri 12-Jan-18 08:36:33

They are lovely - I want something similar. I think they'd really jazz up the room. Out of (nosy) interest - where are you getting them for cheap?

FacelikeaBagofHammers Fri 12-Jan-18 08:44:13


FacelikeaBagofHammers Fri 12-Jan-18 08:50:39

I'm wondering does it matter if they will date, they're only in a small downstairs toilet and small utility .... I dunno. It's the kinda thing you might get sick looking at though!

newmumwithquestions Fri 12-Jan-18 08:53:22

I love love love them for a downstairs loo!

Not sure about utility - for me that’s a functional room that shouldn’t be trying to be funky. But each to their own.

CourtneyLoveIsMySpiritAnimal Fri 12-Jan-18 09:06:13

Oh, if only in a small space, I'd definitely go for it then. I think they probably work better in a smaller area.

Ohyesiam Fri 12-Jan-18 09:27:28

I think they are beautiful. I would work on getting a sense of spaciousness in the rest of the room, then they could with well.

Ohyesiam Fri 12-Jan-18 09:31:01

Just seen the pics.
The only one I like is the loo, the rest are way too hectic. But I really love the loo. The dove tile in the middle looks like it's from a different set though?

Love2cook Fri 12-Jan-18 09:35:47

I love them! Who cares if they date, so will everyone else's! As long as you like them and they make you enjoy being in the loo your home, then go for it! As you say it's just one small room and they will also be a talking point for guests etc.

eastlondoner Fri 12-Jan-18 09:36:24

I think they're lovely. To be honest everything dates. If you like them I'd get them.

another20 Fri 12-Jan-18 09:44:56

but quite like these
YOU dont sound convinced yourself? Go for something your LOVE.

averylongtimeago Fri 12-Jan-18 09:46:25

They are really nice - I would think they would look best in an otherwise "plain" room, so a loo or small utility without other competing patterns is ideal.
I would go for a grey rather than white grout too. Sealing tiles isn't a problem, you just go over them with a cloth and the liquid sealer, it doesn't take long.

As for them dating, all fashions date, what matters is if you like them.

BougieQueen Fri 12-Jan-18 09:50:28

They look lovely but I agree that the rest of the room needs to be plain.

CanIBuffalo Fri 12-Jan-18 09:55:39

I'd have to get loads and leave out the ones I don't like.
Then I'd have to lay them out in situ, number them and give the tiler a map grin

CanIBuffalo Fri 12-Jan-18 09:56:36

I'd have a lot of fun and probably end up spending the bargain savings to get the ones I wanted.

Royalcoronation Fri 12-Jan-18 09:58:25

Will they date?

I think they already look dated tbh.

That's not to say I don't like them, but they do look 'old'

FacelikeaBagofHammers Fri 12-Jan-18 10:03:17

**I'd have to get loads and leave out the ones I don't like.
Then I'd have to lay them out in situ, number them and give the tiler a map grin**

Are you me? Haha. Imagine, leaving them 'random' (the most horrifying idea ever)

4yearsnosleep Fri 12-Jan-18 10:37:30

I love them. To me the downstairs loo is the place to go over the top and fun. Choose whatever you love

CanIBuffalo Fri 12-Jan-18 11:34:47

It's unthinkable to leave a tiler to decide on a whim where to put each one. I can imagine sitting on the loo and thinking'why didn't he put that one there or why did he put those 2 together?' Every Fucking Time till I moved housegrin

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