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Santander Mortgage Offer

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Juliebelinda Mon 18-Dec-17 04:00:05

Hi. First time here. Applied for mortgage on 16th November - the underwriters asked for loads of extra paperwork, which we supplied immediately. Then we went on holiday for 2 weeks (previously booked months ago). I arranged for the valuer to carry out the valuation with a neighbour of mine. Santander took £375 from my account on 8th December and the valuation was done on 14th December while we were away. When can we expect a formal offer? We are putting down a deposit of 72% of the purchase price, so it the big scheme of things, it is quite a small mortgage. We are using a Mortgage Broker. Can Santander refuse to gove us a mortgage? Not sure how the valuation bit fits in - surely they would not do the valuation if the underwriters had turned us down? Very stressed out here - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

fromtheshires Mon 18-Dec-17 12:10:02

Of course they can turn you down for a mortgage. It is the banks discretion as to who they give money to.

The reality is if you have got past affordability and underwriters and it's down to the valuation survey then if the surveyor says ok then it's pretty much ok.

My mortgage with Santander was confirmed about an hour after their surveyor left, but I went direct instead of via a broker. I can draw down the money when the top of the chain finally stops pissing around and is finally ready to exchange

rosie1959 Mon 18-Dec-17 12:12:19

Suggest you speak to your Broker that's what you are paying hime for

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