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Communal heating system: 1 cold radiator

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bananasarethebest Sun 17-Dec-17 09:33:45

I live in a building with communal heating and hot water. Friends coming to visit so turned on the radiator in the spare room. 24 hours later it's still cold. Thermostat is on max, when I tried to bleed it water came out immediately, all other radiators in the flat are on and working normally. I only moved in last spring and don't really use the spare room much so I'm not sure if this radiator was never working or if it's a new problem. Any suggestions on how to get it to give out heat?

PigletJohn Sun 17-Dec-17 10:29:18

Does it have a thermostatic radiator valve? It may have jammed, especially if it has been screwed down tight for a long period. Post a photo please of the valves on both ends.

butterfly56 Sun 17-Dec-17 10:31:22

Here's a video that may help solve your problem OP

bananasarethebest Sun 17-Dec-17 10:43:54

butterfly thanks for the video link, I'm about to go out but I'll try those things later.
Piglet thanks for the advice about a jammed TRV. If no luck with that I'll post photos later.

CantChoose Sun 17-Dec-17 12:02:48

Yes, what PigletJohn said. We had to give the one in our bedroom a wigged recently as it was jammed. I'd thought it was just especially cold outside for weeks hmm

bananasarethebest Sun 17-Dec-17 20:22:30

Just came back to say thanks to butterfly and pigletJohn. I now have a toasty warm spare room.

butterfly56 Sun 17-Dec-17 23:30:22

Hi Bananas...I had to sort out two radiators in the last couple of weeks for exact same reason...It's amazing what you can learn on YouTube!

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