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Anyone got a Livin Roof or Guardian Roof on their conservatory?

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Falcon1 Thu 07-Dec-17 11:36:56

We've moved into a house with a very old Victorian-style conservatory. It's far too hot when it's sunny and far too cold the rest of the time. The (polycarbonite) roof is also leaking. We can't afford to replace it with an extension, so we're planning to rebuild it - new frames and timber windows and a solid roof of some description. We're considering a Livin Roof but I'm worried it will look odd in our period home. I'm also concerned about light loss. Does anyone have one of these roofs? Are they good? Do they look ok? They're quite new apparently, so I'm struggling to find any reviews online.

Another alternative is a Guardian roof, but I'm concerned that the tiles they use will look odd against the original tiles of the house.

Any experience/views of either option would be really appreciated!

whiskyowl Thu 07-Dec-17 12:24:42

Have you already checked out the structural engineering for this?
There is going to be a weight difference between polycarbonate and timber. It may be that a heavier timber roof and windows requires a more heavy-duty structure beneath it to support it than your conservatory will offer.

A living roof will add more to the weight again. I do think they are lovely, and look absolutely brilliant, as well as being great for water run-off and the environment, but they do need to be engineered into a project.

Falcon1 Thu 07-Dec-17 18:01:25

Thanks for your reply. It's not actually a living roof but a Livin Roof by a company called ultra frame. It's basically a lightweight solid roof with glass panels. Yes, all the structural considerations have been done. It's just whether or not I'll be happy with the result. And it's very expensive!

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