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Sellers, has the market died for Christmas? Is anyone getting any interest?

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Pixiedust1973 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:11:19

Our house has been on the market 2 weeks now. First week we got 6 viewings, then nothing! I assume this is entirely due to it being pre Christmas. Is anyone getting viewings still or has the market died? Apparently Boxing day is the busiest day of the year, so am hoping for more luck then, just getting a bit sick of all this as our house was initially put on the market in March! hmm

Thisandthat2017 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:31:51

We went back on the market last week. We had 2 viewings last week and one booked in for Friday. We are being very strict that only proceedable buyers can view so that does limit it. My thinking is that all the time wasters are out Xmas shopping so I am happy to have only serious buyers through the door 😊

Pixiedust1973 Wed 06-Dec-17 22:40:55

That is what im finding actually Thisandthat. We didn't stipulate proceedable only, but out of the 6 viewers, only 1 wasn't yet on the market. One was on the market, but with a very saleable house (next street to outstanding school) the rest were SSTC or had nothing to sell! grin Getting feedback has been a bit like pulling teeth tbh. hmm Again, could be out Christmas shopping perhaps?

hlr1987 Thu 07-Dec-17 13:51:00

I don't know anyone with a family who has free time in the run up to Christmas! Regarding proceedable buyers- we sold through an online agent and held of launching the house until we'd found a house we wanted because we knew our area sold quickly. We came across two or three people that wouldn't show houses to us as our house wasn't yet for sale. However, when we found something, we launched the house Fri afternoon, had a full day of viewers and two offers by the sat night and agreed a sale online over the weekend. By the Monday when the estate agent was open again we were able to make an offer and get the house we're in now. Never missed not seeing the houses that were barred to us.. if there's a high proportion of houses for sale online near you I'd rethink, the Monday-Friday estate agent booking viewings really annoyed me as a buyer. We needed flexibility to see in evenings/make last minute viewings and it definitely helped sell ours.

Pixiedust1973 Thu 07-Dec-17 20:17:44

Sounds like it all worked out perfectly for you hlr1987. 18 months ago before Brexit that would of happened here tbh. They were literally flying off the shelves so to speak & we could almost name our price. Not anymore unfortunately! Gutted we couldn't put our house on then. I suppose its all swings & roundabouts though, the houses we were looking at back then were more expensive & also flying off the shelves!

Personally I don't turn away any viewers. I have friends who bought & sold & moved on in the time we've been attempting to get the chain we were in to complete a sale to no avail. You really do never know how your luck is going to go! We're on with an online agent too now, after previously having agreed a sale through a high street agent. It really is the most straightforward, cost effective way to do it. Best thing of all is the price! grin

hlr1987 Thu 07-Dec-17 23:20:24

It's a complete nightmare if things fall apart, isn't it? Sorry! But I definitely would just sit back and enjoy Christmas, if you're selling a family home buyers will be more concerned with wrapping presents than viewings. Maybe just prepare to declutter after Christmas day, and time any other tricks like price reductions for after Christmas to get the most online hits in people's searches. Good luck!

Pixiedust1973 Fri 08-Dec-17 17:28:33

Yeah, its definitely been a nightmare. We're still staying on the market just in case. Not expecting much really, but you never know! Rightmove supposedly goes crazy on Boxing day, so we'll be ready for viewers on 27th. The kids are going to their dads so it wont be too bad. They can take us as they find us lol!

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 10:35:48

Any luck @Thisandthat2017 ? We've had nothing in just over 2 weeks, but 2 viewings booked for tomorrow. One is on the market, but the other is SSTC. Fingers crossed eh?

Thisandthat2017 Fri 15-Dec-17 10:59:39

Hi @pixiedust1973 no, no luck for us so far. Our agent has just joined Zoopla and since 24th November we have had 771 views, which similar properties in the area are around the 250 mark! God only knows why this isn't transferring in to real life viewings!

We have actually signed up with a new agent and the brochures and pictures look amazing. So much so that we are dropping our original agent so we don't have the two lots of pictures on the portals.

I will keep my fingers crossed for the Sstc one for you!x

Lilmisskittykat Fri 15-Dec-17 12:34:53

A buyers point of view if it helps...

I've had viewings booked last weekend and this coming one and they keep getting cancelled (this weekends potentially cancelled yesterday)

we've now given up booking any til the new year cause I'm sick of being messed about by sellers who agree a viewing then decide would rather Christmas shop or whatever...

So don't panic til new year and enjoy your Christmas 😊

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 12:50:51

Wow! 771 views on Zoopla is a lot! I have just checked out my house & similar. We have been on Zoopla since 21st November & had 289 views on there, which is slightly higher than other houses in the same range.

Heres hoping the new agent & brochures do the trick. We're on with Purplebricks this time, after a previous bad experience with a high street agent. Im finding it a breath of fresh air tbh being able to contact interested parties ourselves & have people book viewings at any time online. We're even doing the viewings ourselves. I wish we'd done this to start with!

Do you have any viewings booked this weekend? Our 2 are 945 & 130, which is a bit of a pain, especially as its not a proceedable buyer, but you just never know how quickly they'll sell so I don't turn anyone away, just in case!

mummyhaschangedhername Fri 15-Dec-17 12:56:20

We sold I'm December last year, so it's possible. Good luck! I had just decided that I was going to say no more viewings I'm December as it was just too much and then we got an offer. Then placed an offer on another house in December and moved mid February.

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 12:56:41

How annoying Lilmiss People just don't seem to realise that we do have lives & Christmas shopping etc to do ourselves! We have only blocked off 24th till 12pm on 27th for no viewings on our place as 26th is meant to be the no 1 day for people to be looking online for houses. As we're on with an online agent its possible for people to book on 26th for 27th! I refuse to get up early to tidy up on 27th though. If they're that bothered they can wait till lunch time!

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 12:57:29

Thats amazing mummy gives us all hope! smile

Lilmisskittykat Fri 15-Dec-17 14:20:24

Pixie It so hard this time of year to juggle viewings (selling or buying) with all the Christmas stuff you need to do! Such a busy month..

I honestly wouldn't worry about a home looking pristine just after Christmas. I'm sure it's just lovely as you sound house proud. most sensible buyers look through personal bits and bobs and if anything seeing a house looking festive kind of gives it a lovely warm family home feel.

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 17:25:03

Thanks Lilmiss It's hard to be house proud with 2 teenagers with ASD & a husband who moved straight from mum to me who refuses to throw out anything, in a house to small too swing a cat lol. I try my best though. Been cracking the whip today! grin

Had some good news, sort of. We had an offer today, but it's one of those ridiculous pisstaking low offers I'm afraid, so we can't do anything other than politely decline & hope that they can come back with an offer much higher! Everything crossed eh? fsmile

Lilmisskittykat Fri 15-Dec-17 18:37:10

It's so hard isn't to keep everyone motivated... I just started to clear out thinking do I really want (and need) to pack all this up and take it to my new home. Helped focus things a little... but I appreciate it's such hard work and add Christmas to the mix and it feels like plate spinning! You'll get there I promise x

Just read on your other thread of your offer - I know it's frustrating, when I got stupid offers my oh just says to think offers are a positive as it means someone likes it enough to get to that stage.

Fingers crossed they were just starting low just to be assured they couldn't have got it for less

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 22:08:40

Thanks Lilmiss, just replied on other thread re the offer. You wouldn't believe the amount of de cluttering, tip & charity shop runs & gifting we did before moving to this shoebox. Literally thousands of pounds worth of stuff me & the kids have lost to the point where, given the size of this place, we have very few belongings. Its DH who, having spent 34 years in his mums box room refuses to get rid of a thing & has more personal items than me & my 2 kids put together! hmm Whats that all about? Bloody men eh?

Lilmisskittykat Fri 15-Dec-17 22:40:47

I know what you mean ... it will all come in useful one day you know grin that's what I get told anyway !

Pixiedust1973 Fri 15-Dec-17 22:45:05

Thing is its utter rubbish! Old clothing a charity shop would turn down mainly, but the most ridiculous item is a motorbike that takes up half the garage & gets taxed & insured every year, all with the intention of being used, but has been used less times than I can count on 2 hands in the 9+ years ive known him! hmm

Pixiedust1973 Sun 17-Dec-17 21:09:26

Well what a let down of a weekend! We had an offer, 13% below our already sensible original asking price & they wont increase it at all! Its a non-starter! hmm Also had other viewers basically asking us how to put in an offer & how much would we accept, then nothing!!!! hmm WTF?

Thisandthat2017 Sun 17-Dec-17 21:34:39

I wouldn't give up hope yet @pixiedust1973 there is a chance they will come back to you with a better offer and the others with an offer. I don't think people like to show all their cards too early. I personally would wait a couple of days before putting in an offer so I don't look so keen.

Lilmisskittykat Sun 17-Dec-17 21:40:46

Aw pixie that's so frustrating. Maybe the second viewers they will pick up and make a better offer after Christmas? I hope they are just preoccupied or trying not to appear too keen.

Pixiedust1973 Tue 19-Dec-17 17:27:34

Thanks ladies. I think you're right & the second viewers are just holding off a bit to maybe detract from how obviously keen they were on Saturday lol!

Got our EA to ring them today & had a chat about their thoughts. They said that they are interested, but have another house they are considering too & want to weigh things up tonight before deciding. Asked how to put in an offer again. hmm The charade continues.. If all else fails we do have another viewing booked on Friday with another SSTC potential! grin

Pixiedust1973 Thu 21-Dec-17 21:19:42

Well, we got an offer from the couple who viewed Saturday! 370k. angry Our price is offers over 400k & was originally on for 425k but we reduced it when our buyers lost their buyer & we switched agents in order to get a quick sale! We can't drop to 55k below our original price & still move on. 375k is exactly the same price that one of those home buying companies who complete in 7 days offered us, so its insulting! WTF is it with people taking the piss this time of year?

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