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Last minute paint advice - Fired Earth

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Filiboom Tue 05-Dec-17 23:49:38

Somewhat to our surprise, we managed to get a decorator in at very short notice to repaint our hall and landing this week. Having spent the weekend colour testing, I think we’re decided on Fired Earth Ultramarine Ashes on the bottom half of the hall with Bone White above, but would like to colour match it for a more durable finish as have small boys....

Our decorator has got samples of the colour match and they seem to me to be a fair bit darker from certain angles than the Fired Earth ones and the bottom colour also looks more green than the Fired Earth one. Apparently, the Bone White match is considered an “excellent” match whilst the other is considered “good”.

I’m now doubting my eyesight (and my choice of colours generally but I think that’s just staring at too many paints...).

I’m prepared to pay extra for the Fired Earth, if it’s durable enough, but just wondering if anyone has any experience of colour matching these (particularly the Bone White) and been happy with the result. (Or of Fired Earth paints (egg shell below and their standard above) and small boys.)

This is not really my thing and I’m spending far too long staring at the walls so would appreciate any help available. He ideally wants an answer by the morning....

Thank you!

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