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Burglar alarm help

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Pipsqueak11 Mon 04-Dec-17 01:26:58

We have an alarm but have never used it because we have cat and dog . All fine since 2012 when we moved in but we're having some building work done and the bastard thing has just gone off . I unearthed the code ( miracle!!) pressed the numbers and it didn't work sad((

Kept pressing it and eventually alarm stopped .
Anyone know how to permanently disable it? Or as an alternative until
I can get an engineer is there anything else you're supposed to put in with the 4 digit code?
I wondered about a # for example?
It's a C and K securitech alarm if that helps .

Can't sleep
Now as fretting about it going off again.

BrokenBattleDroid Mon 04-Dec-17 01:42:39

Google search the model number and find the booklet that will have come with it - that will have info for how to set it etc.

You have my sympathies though, I've had lots of trouble with an alarm that had a mind of its own. It was surprisingly stressful. Actually, mine had a low battery that caused some of the difficulties. When the battery ran out it would alarm, but there wasn't enough power to turn the blasted thing off properly (enough power to alarm and wake the neighbourhood though). Could that be your issue? That was an engineer job in the end but googling the instruction leaflet helped with a different issue.

wowfudge Mon 04-Dec-17 05:44:25

Get an engineer round to service and reprogramme it. You should at least be able to use it for the external doors and any windows with sensors, i.e. it goes off if they are opened when the alarm is on. Sounds to me as though the power being turned off may have triggered it.

Pipsqueak11 Mon 04-Dec-17 21:55:44

thanks for the advice - cant find much on google for this company .
i think they are not around anymore . We've got an engineer coming tomorrow hopefully . fingers crossed for a quieter night xxxx

Ridingthegravytrain Tue 05-Dec-17 12:56:43

Do you have any random switches near the floor that turn it off? This is what we have to disable our alarm.

Pipsqueak11 Sat 09-Dec-17 18:28:29

Thanks riding will have a look round but can't recall seeing any - thx for the tip though

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