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Opinions on the these flats?

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AlyTab Sun 03-Dec-17 13:40:57

I'm currently renting a flat, but I'm not really feeling it so far. It's quite a bit away from my work and places I go to so I'm considering moving flats. I do live in a bit of a shithole place, so just try to ignore that and could you tell me which one you like the best? I would really appreciate it. So far I have 4 -

Some of the last one is kind of ugly but I would make some changes. I plan on furnishing them myself. Still looking!

AlyTab Sun 03-Dec-17 13:42:08

ClareB83 Sun 03-Dec-17 14:01:36

I like the Catherine Street one best. Couldn't cope with how ugly the outside of the third one is.

Nice to have a whole house as well though. Last one is fine too.

MonaChopsis Sun 03-Dec-17 14:01:58

I like the second and the fourth... Second looks nicer but is more expensive and on the ground floor. Fourth is cheapest and second floor, which I prefer... Less noise!

It doesn't look too ugly to me: better than the first and third, they would depress me to come home to!

ZaraW Sun 03-Dec-17 14:31:08

The second one is by far the nicest but has been let number four would be my second choice. Number three is grim.

MrsMotherHen Sun 03-Dec-17 14:32:20

Second one

cathyclown Sun 03-Dec-17 14:38:25

Catherine Street is lovely. You cannot beat having some outside space either, although I know the weather wouldn't entice you out there at the moment. I really like it.

cathyclown Sun 03-Dec-17 14:39:53

Oops there are two on Catherine Street, so it is the red bricked one with the gardens, second on the list.

purits Sun 03-Dec-17 14:46:10

I haven't clicked on the links.
I'm not a fan of leasehold. How much are the service charges and who controls them? Is there a reserve fund and how much?

cathyclown Sun 03-Dec-17 14:48:35


OP is renting not buying. Leasehold etc. is not an issue. I think management fees are the responsibility of the owner. But maybe not in Scotland. Generally they are though.

MyDcAreMarvel Sun 03-Dec-17 14:48:59

Yes the second one by far.
Why would leasehold matter in a rented flat @purits ?

AlyTab Sun 03-Dec-17 14:51:42

purits sorry I'm not sure, I'm very new to the whole thing so I'm still trying to figure all that stuff out.

I know the outside of the 3rd one is horrible lol but I really like the inside which is why I'm still looking at it.

Bluntness100 Sun 03-Dec-17 14:56:15

The second one, which is the first Catherine Street one.

cathyclown Sun 03-Dec-17 14:57:20

OP, I know we are not you, and we don't know your preferences etc. However if I had the opportunity I would grab no. 2 on the list PDQ!

For an extra 25 quid a month you get a lovely conservatory and access to outside space. That cannot be beaten IMV.

But you just asked for our views. Up to you to decide in the end!

I love threads like this. Well I nosey around property sites a lot!!

CrossFreelancer Sun 03-Dec-17 14:58:55

The second one. Looks spacious and modern

Ginorchoc Sun 03-Dec-17 15:01:23

Only 3+4 are available according to the links?

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Sun 03-Dec-17 15:07:29

The first two are already let. If you'd rather have a nice interior than exterior, I'd go for number 3. The outside is hideous though!

AlyTab Sun 03-Dec-17 15:08:12

Oh right yes I forgot to mention that. I contacted the sellers and it's an issue with the listing on the site, they're still available according to the agent.

PinkBuffalo Sun 03-Dec-17 15:20:28

I think they're all nice so I'm no help I'm afraid! Does the outside really matter too much? If the inside is fab that's what counts I think.
>Worries about the offer I'm going to make on an ex council house that is beautiful inside<

MissWimpyDimple Sun 03-Dec-17 15:28:55

Three bedrooms for the price of a tiny studio here. They all look nice! Check the heating/boiler etc. Make sure they have central heating.

Sunnyshores Sun 03-Dec-17 15:41:18

They all look pretty nice to me, 2 if I had to choose. But IME what matters more is location, so are they all in the same area ie nearer work and places you go?

Also the interior condition, state of repair, matters alot when youre renting ie cheap to heat, appliances working, decent shower.

In flats neighbours can be a bit of a nightmare, so visit at different times to see/hear if they have noisy kids, a dog etc

Cammymyle Sun 03-Dec-17 15:42:59

Leasehold doesn't exist in Scotland as far as I know. I don't know why that was mentioned.

Love the second one, but outside space is important to me and it looks a nice solid house.

SleepingInYourFlowerbed Sun 03-Dec-17 15:46:11

I'd go for the second one then, based on the listings only. I have no idea about locations etc though. The second just looks the best with the outside space.

wowfudge Sun 03-Dec-17 16:52:47

The second one - bigger rooms in an older property, the conservatory for extra living space and the garden. If you have kids, much better to be on the ground floor with outside space.

ClareB83 Sun 03-Dec-17 17:13:53

@PinkBuffalo If you're buying the outside matters a lot when reselling. Houses without curb appeal don't get clicks and put off buyers who want to show off their new Home.

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