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Problem With Kitchen Floor

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ZaraW Sat 02-Dec-17 07:42:04

The tiles in the kitchen have been cracking. It was only a couple at first but over the last couple of weeks it's got worse.

We just assumed it was a case of retiling until the contractor visited. He won't give us a quote until he's taken the tiles up. He thinks that they were laid on plywood with no scree that's why there is so much movement.

So he has to take tiles up, remove plywood, scree the area and then put down plywood. We've got around 2K put aside to do this and will probably put down cheap vinyl until we have the budget to retile. Do you think this is a realistic figure. Couldn't have happened at a worse time with Christmas and vet fees to be paid for surgery.


ZaraW Sat 02-Dec-17 08:08:06

Sorry the kitchen is 14' X 12".

Kr1st1na Sat 02-Dec-17 08:51:45

Do you want to retile ? £2k is quite a lot for a kitchen floor unless you’re kitchen is huge , which your isn’t , and your flooring is top of the range.

Have your thought about Karndean or one of the better laminates ?

ZaraW Sat 02-Dec-17 09:27:31

Thanks it's the work itself we've budgeted for we'll think about the tiling later.

ZaraW Sat 02-Dec-17 17:17:54


Kr1st1na Sat 02-Dec-17 21:46:28

But you wouldn’t have to pay to have the work done if you were not retiling. You can lift the tiles yourself , it’s not a hard job if they are already broken. Then you ( or a tradesperson ) can put another flooring down on the plywood, assuming it’s it’s good condition. If it’s been nailed down it might need screwed instead.

Bluntness100 Sun 03-Dec-17 22:14:51

I was told they put plywood on top of floor board and scree on top of concrete, so it depends on what the actual floor is made of. I only say that as I’m thinking of having my bathroom done and there is no way you could scree over the floor boards, plus it’s listed so I can’t anyway I think. They just need to create a flat surface.

Two k should be more than enough though for that size room. However I’d also look at something like Kardean or amtico.

ZaraW Mon 04-Dec-17 05:30:19

Thanks the contractor is coming around next week to advise best course of action. Kardean looks like a good option.

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