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Has anyone ordered from Blinds 2 Go and used woven voile fabric?

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orangina Fri 01-Dec-17 14:06:58

I am wondering whether to order a roman blind in the women voile fabric. It is very loosely woven and therefore semi sheer, which is what I am after, but as it is so loosely woven, I am wondering if the final product looks good? My fear is that it will end up looking a bit dish-cloth-y, and as it is a made to measure item it is non-returnable.

Anyway, any feedback and I'd be grateful. Many thanks!

(Have also posted this under Housekeeping, apologies for duplication....)

willsa Sat 02-Dec-17 12:00:13

I have these blinds in my bay window. Chose them for privacy and a little bit of light filtering as our window faces south.
I wouldn't say the blinds are semi sheer. I'd say they are sheer. Mine are in one of those brown-grey hessian colours ( Calico? ) and just as well, as otherwise they would be too sheer for my liking.
All in all, I like my blinds and MUCH prefer them to any net curtains.

One last thing- due to their fine woven fibres, blinds sometimes trap little bugs/flies that go between them and the window. So sometimes in summer I have to pick a couple of dead bugs out of them.
I don't mind a bit of fly-catching bonus action grin

FleurWeasley Sat 02-Dec-17 16:25:07

Can you order samples? I ordered samples of blinds 2 go Venetian blinds and they arrived very quickly (and free)

orangina Sat 02-Dec-17 16:35:28

Thanks for the responses! wills, you have the roman blinds in the same fabric (never mind about the colour.... I am after the pewter which is a sort of pale grey/blue).... they don't look too dish-cloth-y? I just want it for my guest wc window (which looks out into a light well, so not missing out on a beautiful view). Ideally would have liked it with a sheer lining, perhaps to give it more structure. Think the lack of structure is my fear as well as the fabric... It is either this, or a semi sheer roller blind, but I wanted the softer quality of a roman blind...

FleurWeasley, I have a fabric sample from them (you are right, they are free and fast!), but if you pull the sample around a bit, it begins to look a bit meh. Hence my concern as to how it would last in a full blind scenario...

willsa Sat 02-Dec-17 19:33:13

The blinds don't look dishclothy, I imagine in white they would look like a gauze material, mine look like transparent linen. Is your window overlooked? The blinds are not opaque enough to provide privacy. My view to the outside is not changed at all, only to the effect of wearing slightly tinted sunglasses. They look very classy ( even if I say so my self ) and saved me from menace like net curtains, vertical office blinds or difficult to clean Venetian blinds as alternative.
Blinds have held up well for two years, they don't sag, so structure is ok, haven't faded in the outrageous roasting from the sun they get.
Another thing to note - they will look lighter, barely there in colour when opened/let down and darker when folded.
Good luck with the decision, I can agonise for days/weeks/ months over decor choices smile

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