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Electric gates?

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BoutrosBoutros Fri 24-Nov-17 13:12:11

We're moving soon to a house with a gated drive off a fairly busy road. My husband has suggested we should think about electric gates but my only experience is of a friend who inherited a pair with a house which kept breaking down.

Does anyone have any experience about the best type to get? Are they all very unreliable? We do need to keep the gates as the drive opens into the garden which will have dogs and children in regularly!

Angryosaurus Fri 24-Nov-17 19:23:53

Following. Also interested in cost

BlackPeppercorn Fri 24-Nov-17 19:43:12

If you have dogs you actually need two sets of gates if the ones to the road are electric, because there will always be room for them to slip out to greet the owner who is sitting in their car waiting for the gates to open enough for the car to get through.
The best set up is having enough drive for a vehicle to sit off the road whilst waiting for the gates to open. Then through into parking area, then another manual gate into actual front garden. Obviously, the dogs are only in the front garden when we are, but there's always the chance.
That's what we have, it slides back into a channel behind the hedge. They've never let us down. I don't know the ins and outs of it but apparently in a power cut they will slide back under battery power and lock in place or some such thing.

Madbengalmum Fri 24-Nov-17 19:46:59

Had a few pairs at various homes, very much depends on who installs as to how good they are. As to which to get it depends on the space you have and the camber of your driveway usually. Had all types, cost is u to about £10,000, depends upon size and apperture. We have them serviced regularly and apart from freezing up on very extreme cold weather, no issues.

hmcAsWas Fri 24-Nov-17 20:00:02

My gates at the last house broke down a few times - sometimes our fault, I found that my ds was responsible a couple of times (kicking a ball at the gate and knocking the sensor askew)

Been at current house 2 years and gates have broken down twice (a wire snapped?). Quick and cheap to fix however

I would still opt for them on balance however despite the occasional break down....

We didn't go for two sets of gates, sorry Blackpeppercorn but that is overkill to me, although each to their own ....Visitors can't just drive in and mow down your dogs (unless they know your gate code), they have to buzz for admission which allows time to call in your dogs before buzzing the gate open? No?

BoutrosBoutros Sat 25-Nov-17 06:15:10

Thanks for the feedback! peppercorn your setup sounds very thorough but we won't have space for that. I'm not too worried as kids/dogs will usually either be in the house or the car when coming and going.

madbengal £10k? <faints>. If it's that much we won't be able to afford it. I was hoping it would be more like 2-3k! Is that wildly optimistic on price?

hmc good to hear you like them on balance. And that the breakdowns were easy to fix. More thinking needed I guess. We're having some work done soon anyway so I'll ask the builders if they can quote for installing them when they're here and see what they say!

Blodplod Sat 25-Nov-17 06:38:07

I investigated electric gates recently and you can buy an electric gate kit for about £1500.00. You’ll have to google but you can get an online quote with all your required options (whether you want a code enter function or to use a fob etc). These were for gates already installed. You could look at this as an option? Even buying this plus a 5 bar gate would be in the 2-3k bracket

Blodplod Sat 25-Nov-17 06:40:52

Madbengalmum Sat 25-Nov-17 10:19:51

The price you pay is all down to the quality of the gates, just read my post and it is meant to say up to £10k, that is for a large bespoke pair. I would be abit weary about paying £1.5k for a pair, doubtful of quality. Depends i guess if you are plannig to stay somewhere, then they need to be lasting. I would say on average for something with build quality well made and proerly installed you would be looking at £4-5k.

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