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What do you think of this property?

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puckingfixies Mon 20-Nov-17 20:15:37

Need a base in Northamptonshire, prices here seem to be better than Kettering and the area seems nicer than Wellingborough. Does anybody know this area and is this a fair price? Not looking for a doer upper. Thanks

Mummy2one2016 Mon 20-Nov-17 20:19:00

Not based in the area sorry. But it looks like a beautiful house.

littlemissneela Mon 20-Nov-17 20:23:34

Not in the area either, but it does look a good house with a lovely garden. There is a lot I would want to do to it but it is liveable as it is. Have you been to see it or just seen it online? From experience what you see online can be very different to how it feels when you are in the house.

ThomasRichard Mon 20-Nov-17 20:26:37

Corby is definitely in the up-and-coming category. It’s a lovely house!

DottyBlue2 Mon 20-Nov-17 20:28:05

How well do you know Corby? You need to visit it several times to get a feel for it.

It's very spread out. I've been to Planet Bounce and apparently there's a very good swimming pool. But I wouldn't choose to live there myself.

OlennasWimple Mon 20-Nov-17 20:29:01

Corby has excellent schools, great rail connections (they actually built a new station there a few years back!), growing facilities (Olympic sized pool, new theatre, new cinema, renovated shopping centre) and the largest concentrated population of Scots outside Scotland. What's not to like?

puckingfixies Mon 20-Nov-17 20:29:04

I've been to see it, shortlisting now for dh, and it is as nice as the pics, feels really light and airy - just would like more information on the area, was on a flying visit.

puckingfixies Mon 20-Nov-17 20:30:39

X post, thanks Olennas, just the sort of info I was looking for.

puckingfixies Mon 20-Nov-17 20:32:08

Thanks Thomas, I am tempted, think dh will like it too.

JoJoSM2 Mon 20-Nov-17 21:41:58

The presentation is neutral and it looks pleasant etc but it looks like it was last refurbished/built 15-20 years ago. It looks like it’d need updating in the next few years. If you aren’t looking for a project, I’d probably go with a house that has been updated in the last 5 years or so.

ACurlyWurly Tue 21-Nov-17 15:52:19

I have a friend who lives less than a mile from this place and he says its a lovely area, he has extended rather than move recently and has 2 DDs who go to school locally.

I don't live there myself though. however, would avoid most parts of Wellingboroug, many parts of Kettering have lived in both and DM lives in one still) but the villages between are lovely. A few years ago I would never consider Corby but it is definitely a lot better than it used to be and I would live there now if offered a chance!

ACurlyWurly Tue 21-Nov-17 15:56:27

Also been told to look at Burton Latimer as nice place to live (now they all think I am looking to buy a house, shall not tell them I was on MN)

SnowBallsAreHere Tue 21-Nov-17 17:50:23

The position of the ovens would irritate me every day.
And they seem to have no art or pictures.
Aside from that it looks nice.

MallyBanusBeach Wed 22-Nov-17 19:46:00

I live near this property and dd has a friend who lives about 3 doors away from it. It's on the outskirts of Corby (Gt. Oakley) and we love it here. The estate was built in the late 80s/early 90s before the rules about affordable/social/first time buyers so the estate is all fairly large 4 bed detached houses. There is a really good secondary school about half a mile away. An hour from London and only a couple of miles into the centre of Corby - a fantastic town full of very friendly people.

It's on a good bus route to Corby and Kettering and a five minute walk from a Morrisons supermarket, chemist and doctor's surgery.

The houses on Briery are really lovely and have good size plots, but that garden is particularly large - you could extend anywhere if you wanted to in the future. I would go for it op, good luck! smile

SpringSnowdrop Wed 22-Nov-17 19:50:17

I think it looks lovely and wish we had something that nice and that price in our area!

puckingfixies Fri 24-Nov-17 17:42:20

Thanks MallyBanusBeach, sounds just what we're looking for, going for a second viewing tomorrow with dh.

puckingfixies Fri 24-Nov-17 17:52:59

Thanks ACurlyWurly, I did look at Burton Latimer but didn't see anything as nice or spacious for the price and we've pretty much ruled out Kettering and Wellingborough. I'm hoping dh will like this house as much as I do.

Viviennemary Fri 24-Nov-17 18:38:18

It does look a nice modern house. And also looks good from the outside. Not jammed up against the house next door like in some newish estates. You can find out what it last sold for and prices of similar houses in the street. That would be a guide to whether the price is reasonable.

PickAChew Fri 24-Nov-17 18:49:08

I'm glad someone else picked up on the position of the oven. Right at the opposite side of the kitchen from the hob and you've got to reach over some chairs, after walking across the floor, to find somewhere to put things down that you've just taken out.

LoveYouTimMinchin Fri 24-Nov-17 18:56:41

Yes, a lovely house. And no onward chain is a huge selling point, a really massive plus factor.

Once again I'm astonished by how amazingly poor the Estate Agent's details are though. You scroll through the pictures and go inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, back upstairs, back outside, into various loos, shower rooms. No logic to it ... just dump the full camera reel and run.

Note3 Sun 26-Nov-17 22:35:54

Beautiful house and Garden. Is that a van in next doors back garden? If so you might want to investigate that and be sure if who lives there/what it's used for?

MyAuntyBadger Tue 28-Nov-17 15:17:40

Hi op, did your dh view the house? Was he keen? There's a lot of new build properties on the other side of Corby (Weldon) for about the same price as this one. The new builds are very close together, with tiny gardens. We viewed a show home in Weldon at the weekend and it was lovely but there's no chance to add value to them, whereas you could add a lot of value to this house (there was an extended house a few doors away for over £500k a couple of months ago). We need the Weldon area as ds is at the academy there (and dn who I sometimes collect) but I prefer Great Oakley, it's a great area and that's a lovely house.

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