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Ensuite shower room - will this work?

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Smorgs Tue 14-Nov-17 18:05:57

DH and I are renovating our house. Our bedroom is big with a pitched roof. We would like to put in an en suite shower room but the only place it can go is right in the centre on one side of the room where the apex of the roof is. So it doesn't take up too much floor space, we are planning on it being only as wide as the shower tray, with a sink unit right opposite the shower and a small area for drying off in between. However this will mean the shower tray (90x120cm) will be completely surrounded with solid walls on three sides. Does that sound OK or will it feel like we are showering in a cupboard do you think?

Spam88 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:07:11

Ours is surrounded on 3 sides (long side uncovered) and it’s fine.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Tue 14-Nov-17 18:08:22

Both my showers have walls on three sides, glass door on the 4th

titchy Tue 14-Nov-17 18:12:26

Same here! It's fine. Where's you loo going to go though?

verystressedmum Tue 14-Nov-17 18:16:40

Our ensuite has 3 walls it’s quite big/long so we have a fan light overhead so it’s not dark

OlennasWimple Tue 14-Nov-17 18:18:09

Personally I would find that claustrophobic

LapdanceShoeshine Tue 14-Nov-17 18:26:18

Ours is 90cm square with walls on 3 sides & it’s great confused

I have in the past used a 70cm one, & that really was claustrophobic, but 90 is fine, & 90x120 would feel positively spacious!

Sunisshining12 Tue 14-Nov-17 18:29:31

It's fine to have walls 3 sides (pretty standard esp in ensuites & hotels)

That's a decent size shower tray too so I don't think it would be claustrophobic at all! All depends on the lighting I would say.

How about the loo? Lighting? Ventilation? Are you going to put in an extractor or a velux window? Are you able to access the soil pipe/waste/water etc coming up in the middle of your room?

HollyandBrambles Tue 14-Nov-17 18:33:16

Ours is like that, it’s fine! Toilet??

Doublechocolatetiffin Tue 14-Nov-17 18:39:30

We have two like that one with a 90x90 shower tray and one 100x100. Both are fab spaces. Small sink next to the shower and a toilet at the opposite end. You need to be careful picking a shower screen though so you can open it ok.

Kissmycousinkate Tue 14-Nov-17 18:49:23

I've seen them like that before, think they look quite it definitely the only place it can go.

BubblesBuddy Tue 14-Nov-17 19:31:07

One of my en suites is just like that. Basin and loo are on the opposite wall to the shower and the shower is 850 x 1200 but the width is 1200 so the basin and loo easily fit along one wall. There is a heated towel rail and towel storage in between. Put lots of lights in and a big mirror at the basin end.

Smorgs Tue 14-Nov-17 19:42:42

Thanks everyone. It's actually the short end of the shower tray that is going to be the only one without a wall (it's a long, slim ensuite). I'd prefer to have the long side without a wall but it just won't work with the room layout. We weren't planning on having a screen as that size of tray is usually used for walk in showers. We decided against a loo as it would be a plumbing headache and only other option is a Saniflo. The main upstairs bathroom has a loo and is just across the corridor from our bedroom anyway.

namechangedtoday15 Tue 14-Nov-17 19:56:25

Do you mean that the width of the ensuite will be 90cm and the length would be 120cm + extra?

I think you need a loo - don't really see the point of an ensuite otherwise. Surely you use the loo and brush your teeth before bed (so if you had to use the main bathroom for the loo, you may aswell do your teeth in there) and in a morning, most people would use the loo then pop in the shower - again if you use the loo in the main bathroom, you'd shower there too?

another20 Tue 14-Nov-17 19:58:12

We have a wet room shower this big - it is huge.

A sky light would be lovely as would one of the walls being obscured glass.

JoJoSM2 Tue 14-Nov-17 20:12:47

WE had a shower that size with 3 walls (but the 120cm without one) and it was fine. You’ll probably have a glass door so it won’t feel claustrophobic.

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