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Painting existing room the same colour after building work - how much prep?

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whiskyowl Tue 14-Nov-17 10:26:00

2 years ago I painstakingly painted my knock-through living room/dining room in standard Dulux Jasmine white. I am extremely proud of the level of finish I achieved (this is relevant, not just a boast), with no roller marks or brush strokes!

The walls are still in great nick, but they are about to be wrecked by building work through lath and plaster walls. There is a plasterer on hand to make good.

When I repaint, I'm going to use Dulux Trade Diamond matt - same brand, same colour, different type of paint. Can I just hoover up all the dust, sugar soap down the existing walls, and overcoat, or do I need to do the full job of sanding down and repainting? Will the new paint take OK if I do minimal prep, and will I get a great finish again? (There is almost no filling to do as the walls were fresh plaster 2 years ago and there are no cracks).

NamedyChangedy Tue 14-Nov-17 18:08:48

That sounds about right, as far as I know. If any of the wall needs re-plastering then the new plaster would need to be sealed with a mist coat of diluted emulsion. Otherwise your normal process applies. And when you’ve done that, can you come over and do mine please! I don’t have the patience for decorating and need to do the entire top floor after building work too!

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