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Landlord issues

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Fuckit2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 22:09:44

I have a landlord he seems fine... But it's his wife that deals with everything..

When I moved in here I changed the energy suppliers for better deals... she knew of this so rang me up shouting at me down the phone telling me i have no right to do that.

Another time I had a problem with sim in my phone i had a temp number. That she could get me on. Plus she had dds number and the ex number. She could not get hold of me for a bit then when she did again started shouting at me down the phone.

Another time she got a letter from debt people threatening bailiffs at her home address. She rang me telling me it was for gas and it was a bill for over 450? I think. I thought how can i have a bill for 450 when I have only been here since Feb. And this was less that 3 months later. She told me to contact British gas and to get back to her.. again she was really shouting at me. It turns out my gas bill was 120. And there was no big massive bill for me. And the big bill was to do with one of her other property nothing to do with me at all..

Now today. I had gas safety check. I had special needs teacher on the phone. Plus dd20 midwife.. Plus the boiler bloke. On top of that toddler was screaming. I left boiler bloke to get on with it. He done what was needed. Then as he was leaving said he could not get in the loft as it's locked. (I don't have keys) to get to the flu in loft. So he put a sticker on boiler that says do not use. He then said but hes not turned anything of and i can use it at my own risk. And that he will contact landlord. So i thought all fine.....she (landlords wife) then sends me a text. Asking how it went. I said what the boiler bloke had said... She then rings me. Shouting down the phone again asking why I did not ring her. She could have sent Someone with the keys. I said well he said he was going to contact you. And then she said it 8.45 at night and you have not told me anything until I messaged you. I said yeah because he said he was going to contact you. And then she started shouting it's my responsibility as a tenant to do this stuff I should have contacted her and she could have got the loft open.. She knew the Check was happening so should she not have made sure it was open in the first place ( I did not know he would need to get in the loft) and she just kept ranting shouting at me. I told her she needs to stop having a go at me all the time. Then she had a go at me for using the word all the time. But it's true every time she has spoken to me on the phone she's started shouting at me...

So I don't want to talk to her. What can I do??..

Even if I'm being a prat she has no right to shout.

wowfudge Mon 13-Nov-17 22:40:09

Find somewhere else to live with a landlord/landlord's agent who treats you with respect.

dramallamakarma Mon 13-Nov-17 22:43:45

Ask her to contact you via email only? Sounds like a PITA, can you move?

Fuckit2017 Mon 13-Nov-17 22:50:23

I will be going but can't until around April.

wowfudge Tue 14-Nov-17 05:08:48

All you do then is refuse to engage with her when she is shouting at you. Tell her you are not prepared to be shouted at and that she can ring you back when she can talk to you in a civil manner. You should have contact details for the LL - why not write to him, an email will do, and explain that on however many occasions his wife has rung you she has shouted at you which you find completely unnecessary and therefore you would prefer it if she would communicate by email instead.

Calphurnia Tue 14-Nov-17 05:13:14

"Stop shouting, or I will hang up". Then do it, follow up with email: "the issue we need to resolve is x, as I said, I will not talk to you on the phone while you are shouting"

Ausparent Tue 14-Nov-17 05:37:03

We had a landlady a bit like this. Not with the shouting but trying to blame us for things. Even after we moved out she received a has bill at her home and gave the gas company our forwarding address which we had only given to get the cheque for the deposit. It was a nightmare to deal with and actually nothigng to do with is as we had used a different supplier but she kept bouncing it back to us. When we spoke to the gas company directly we found the bill was for one of her other properties. She also deducted money from our deposit for not cleaning the inside of the washing machine and under the fridge even though my DH and I were only there for 3 months and literally scrubbed every nook and cranny.

Sometimes they are just like that. Try not to let her contact you by phone and leave when you can. She won't change.

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