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Kitchen tap placement

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randomthoughts Mon 13-Nov-17 18:47:20

Quick question (with pictures) how would you place this tap at an angle or straight. We’re fitting tomorrow!

randomthoughts Mon 13-Nov-17 18:47:53

Sorry forgot my question mark!

Homesunderthehammer27 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:01:39

I think angled looks better.

randomthoughts Mon 13-Nov-17 19:06:41

So do I my husband (who is also my plumber) needs convincing

resevoircats Mon 13-Nov-17 19:08:02

Myself and partner think angled.

Ttbb Mon 13-Nov-17 19:10:24

Straight then angle the spout. The angled turny bits would drive me mad.

Notmybag Mon 13-Nov-17 19:16:33

Check that the tap levers can fully open if it is angled. Mine annoyingly hits the granite upstand and wont therefore turn on fully which is annoying!

Heratnumber7 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:18:57

Straight blush

Notmybag Mon 13-Nov-17 19:22:51

Oh and I prefer straight.

spiney Mon 13-Nov-17 19:23:54

Straight. More classic.

killerwhale Mon 13-Nov-17 19:24:03

Straight definitely

wowfudge Mon 13-Nov-17 19:27:03

We have same sink and similar tap - straight. It'll be annoying having to reach slightly further for that further back tap.

Mosaic123 Mon 13-Nov-17 19:31:21

Straight. It looks smarter somehow. Nice sink.

moonamanda Mon 13-Nov-17 19:37:28

Straight for me.

randomthoughts Mon 13-Nov-17 20:38:55

Thank you. Goodness I'm hopeless with decisions. I'm away overnight so am now demanding more photos from DH to make my mind up.

HouseworkIsAPain Mon 13-Nov-17 21:47:17

Could you ask for a photo of the tap straight on but the spout turned towards main sink - that might make the straight option look better (at the moment straight on looks weird to me).

randomthoughts Mon 13-Nov-17 22:05:57

Here’s a straight with twisted spout one...

Flamingale Mon 13-Nov-17 22:35:57

Straight looks best.

HouseworkIsAPain Mon 13-Nov-17 22:36:26

That looks good. I thought angled looked better than straight initially, but this looks ok. I think angled will make tap handles hard to use.

HouseworkIsAPain Mon 13-Nov-17 22:40:10

I’ve just gone down to check my sink and tap - I have straight with the spout angled over main sink just like your last pic. And this is from a woman who thought that your straight pic looked weird at first grin

MiniMum97 Mon 13-Nov-17 22:42:53

Definitely angled. Straight looks odd

randomthoughts Tue 14-Nov-17 06:04:01

Think I'll go for straight with twisted spout.

whiskyowl Tue 14-Nov-17 07:19:44

Another vote for straight.

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