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I’ve been quoted 4.5k to replace my oil fired boiler! This is crazy money isn’t it?

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ihatethecold Mon 13-Nov-17 16:53:29

It will be moved from my garage to an outside wall a few feet away.

It’s a quote through a builder who is also quoting the building work to convert my garage.

4.5k seems very high to me but I’ve never bought a new boiler before.
I can understand it will cost more to re site but how’s much is reasonable?

KitKat1985 Mon 13-Nov-17 17:46:00

Hmm, not bought a boiler for a while, but I think they are normally about 2-3k anyway. And then if it's being re-sited I guess that'll be an extra cost on top, so the quote is probably not that excessive. Always worth getting a few quotes though for comparison purposes.

Sunnyshores Mon 13-Nov-17 19:48:52

Oil boilers are much more expensive. Also you need to build a concrete platform for the outside ones, plus extending pipes etc. We had 3 quotes earlier this year all in region of £6k, so I think your quote sounds pretty good.

in the end we went for a wood pellet boiler (same price but refunded by the Govt)

Lucisky Mon 13-Nov-17 21:29:04

The last oil boiler I had replaced cost just shy of 5k, and that was in the same position as the old one, so the price sounds about right I'm afraid.

reallybadidea Mon 13-Nov-17 21:35:12

I posted a similar question a couple of months ago and no fucker replied. It will depend on the size of boiler you need, but we paid £2.8k for one for a 4 bedroom, 2 reception room semi. We had quotes ranging from this through to 5k. Worth shopping around in my opinion.

reallybadidea Mon 13-Nov-17 21:35:41

Meant to specify that was for an oil-fired boiler.

Whyiseveryonesoangry Mon 13-Nov-17 21:37:55

Our oil fire boiler was around £4K a couple of years ago. Didn’t have to move it either.
Obviously depends on the make too.
And considering our old one was around 20 years old, they are usually value for money!

GinnyBaker Mon 13-Nov-17 21:48:55

Where in the uk are you, i think that makes a difference.

In rural shropshire, which is cheapish, that sound a lot. In comparison we just had (in 5 bed house ) new oil boiler, hot water tank, new radiators throughout, all associated pipework and plastering (not redecorating though) plus new oil tank outside, concrete plinth for it and pipe from there to boiler room underground through garden for 9k. It took two men 2.5 weeks.

ihatethecold Mon 13-Nov-17 22:19:45

I’m in south Cambridgeshire.

reallybadidea Mon 13-Nov-17 22:39:29

What a coincidence, so am I! If you pm me then I can send you the details of the person who did ours.

ihatethecold Tue 14-Nov-17 07:24:10

Yes please. I will pm you now.

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