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Best eco-friendly paint?

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Hurraahhnaptime Sat 11-Nov-17 20:45:43

I'm painting my son's bedroom and want to choose an eco-friendly paint that is both okay for him and the environment. I have looked at Little Greene and Earthborn. Anybody use either? I love the Farrow and ball colours but I'm not sure it is as eco-friendly. I do need it to be pretty hard-wearing to withstand family life

venys Sun 12-Nov-17 17:28:34

Earthborn is quite nice and creamy. As a go to I tend to use Lakeland paints (was ECOS) because their service is amazing (next day delivery). The standard wall paints are good but I am not so convinced on some of their specialty paints like Masonry and wood stain. Had a bad experience with Auro paint - it was probably stored incorrectly at some point. But am going to try again using a white anti mould paint. I know there is also Nutshell paints but I haven't tried them.

Sadik Sun 12-Nov-17 17:37:08

I use Lakeland paints - I have lots of allergy issues & have always found them very very good. I've only used the standard matt / gloss / eggshell paints.
They do contain titanium dioxide though - not an issue from a personal health POV, but does have environmental implications.

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