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Moving house wobble

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Duskypink Sat 11-Nov-17 11:02:56

I’m hoping someone can reassure me.

We are due to move in to our new house in a few weeks.

House hunting wasn’t easy, trying to tick all our boxes within budget.

Anyway we’ve now bought our house but I didn’t fall in love with it, and although it’s too late I’m having a wobble over it.

We went with that house in the end because it met most of our criteria, there was no chain, and not a huge amount of work to be done. A lot of the major things had been done to a good standard, all new windows, conservatory, things that could be costly.

However there were two other houses we viewed that I totally fell in love with, however they were unsuitable. One just needed way too much work it needed absolutely everything doing and had a tiny garden, the other was perfectly liveable and had been done up but had been bodged up in a lot of places and would have needed a lot of work and money to get it to work for us. That house also had a tiny garden.

I think I’m the end it was the gardens that really did it for us, we wanted a good sized garden for the dc and it wasn’t something you could change, also meaning no hope of a conservatory or extending.

I just wish I had a bit more enthusiasm for my new house, I know it will be a great house once we’ve made it our own but I just feel sad that I didn’t fall in love with it. I can’t even put my finger on why because it’s far more suited to our needs than the others. It’s a good house and has loads of potential.

Has anyone felt like this and grown to love their new home?

Namethecat Sat 11-Nov-17 11:10:38

At the moment it's a house. In a few weeks/ months it will be your home - I think that makes a big difference. Have you ever rented ? If you have I'm guessing you called it home. It belonged to someone else but it was still home. You will be in by Christmas - if you celebrate it , make it a big thing this Christmas, hopefully that will help. When we moved into our house (2012) I wasn't immediately blown away, my oh was and to help sway me told me all the work needed would be done asap - it hasn't been ( LTB !! 😉 ) but I'm ok here. Good luck.

PieceOfTheMoon Sat 11-Nov-17 11:10:50

I felt exactly like this about the house we live in now. We chose it for practical reasons, but I just didn't have a great feeling about when we looked around. But as soon as we'd moved in and redecorated a bit, got our belongings in etc. I loved it and still love it now.

Whisky2014 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:13:31

I think this is a normal feeling. It's a big commitment and of course you will think "have I done the right thing?". In a few months time you will either think it was the right thing and if not, you can always change. Nothing is set in stonesmile I think you will be fine though!

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