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Purchased a flat in a block of 9 - 1 trains "attack/security* dogs!

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Kellysmith2 Fri 10-Nov-17 15:40:05

Hello all,

I hope you're well. I just wanted to run this past you all. I've moved into a new flat, it's a block with 8 other flats and a communal garden in the back. I've recently discovered that one of the Leaseholders breeds dogs and keeps them in his garage and home. Whilst I know that's fine (checked with RSPCA). He is using the communal gardens to train his dogs.

Can anyone let me know if this is legal? Other than the fact he is monopolising the so called 'communal' gardens. He is training dangerous dogs.

Does anyone know what I should or could do from a legal perspective (if anything!)

It's fairly intimidating having these dogs being trained on site.

We're all leaseholders so all have a share of the garden, but it doesn't seem right that he's using this land as part of his registered business.

Any help would be appreciated.



Cactusjelly00 Fri 10-Nov-17 15:45:32

Is it a protection dog, attack dog or a fighting dog?
Those 3 things are very different.
Protection dogs are essentially guard dogs, will attack on command (intended to be for eg an intruder or attacker.) so long as he is background checking who he sells to that's fine and 100% legal.

Attack or fighting dogs... trainers use bait (normally a puppy, small dog, kitten or cat) to train them to kill. They are aggressive, sometimes unreliable and extremely dangerous, in this case call the police and rspca asap.

If he is monopolising communal areas do complain to your landlord - but if it's protection dogs he's breeding then you should be able to enter the gardens without being attacked or some such, and it isn't a police or rspca matter (unless these dogs are hurting people??)

Cactusjelly00 Fri 10-Nov-17 15:47:11

Oh god, sorry. I thought you were renting! Cactus must learn to read threads properly!
Hmm... can you contact CAB or a solicitor to get informed with regards to your rights (for communal areas?)

Kellysmith2 Fri 10-Nov-17 16:18:04

I would of thought that using communal grounds for business use (training guard dogs) is unreasonable. Imagine If I was a baker and setup a bread oven of example (bad example) but you get my point. He's using these grounds to profit from. Surely there is a legal case here to prohibit this.

Justbookedasummmerholiday Fri 10-Nov-17 16:21:51

Is he poop scooping in this garden? Contact the council to check he has a licence to run a business from his address, environmental health if there is dog shit everywhere.

Monkeypuzzle32 Fri 10-Nov-17 16:24:08

sounds like he is running a business home-you need to speak to your leaseholder/freeholder, the longer it goes on the worse the gardens will look too.

ButFirstTea Fri 10-Nov-17 16:24:13

Is he actually actively training attack dogs or is he a breeder with a breed of dog you perceive as dangerous ie German Shepherds or Staffies etc?

Do you have a building management company you can speak to about the lease restrictions? Do the dogs live outside (you mention the communal gardens)?

SoupDragon Fri 10-Nov-17 16:33:03

You need to read your deeds for restrictive covenants.

Kellysmith2 Fri 10-Nov-17 16:38:43

Just to be clear, I've purchased one of these flat's. I am now one of 9 Freeholders

blueskydreams Fri 10-Nov-17 16:44:07

is there a management committee?
if so what do they say?

SoupDragon Fri 10-Nov-17 16:53:34

Just to be clear, I've purchased one of these flat's. I am now one of 9 Freeholders

Buying a flat doesn't always mean you have a share of the freehold though. Sometimes the freehold is owned by someone else and the flats are purely leasehold.

blueskydreams Fri 10-Nov-17 16:55:03

do you own the lease and a share of the freehold OP?

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