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Honeywell thermostat and Grundfos pump not working. Argh!

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FuckYouChrisAndThatHorse Fri 10-Nov-17 13:12:08

This happened last year when I first turned on the heating, but sorted itself out and I put it down to a temperamental, lazy system.

It the pump that isn’t turning on, I have tried bleeding it, I have not yet hit it with a hammer - though I really want to.

I can get it all to turn on, through an elaborate switching things off and on again, but then the next time the timer turns off and on again, the pump refuses without the same persuasion.

It seems to want me to turn the thermostat down to nothing, put it back up to the temperature I want, and then turn the Honeywell off at the socket, turn it back on, and turn it on at it’s switch again, then the pump will come on.

Is it screwed? Is it hopelessly needy? I can’t pander to it every time I want the heating on, and I really don’t want to have the heating on all the time either.

Any ideas?

Oh and it’s a pressurised water cylinder heated by gas, and the pump is on its highest pressure setting. Honeywell is ST9400A

Ambonsai Sat 11-Nov-17 13:39:11

I fixed mine through videos on YouTube.
Had to reboot the thermostat
I thought it was completely kaput, but it's fine now
It was just like the thermostat couldn't communicate properly with the boiler

FuckYouChrisAndThatHorse Sun 12-Nov-17 18:34:01

Thanks, that does ring a bell. Think that’s what I did last year!

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