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Wallpaper & batch numbers.

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youvegottobekidding Thu 09-Nov-17 13:41:38

May seem like a daft question but I have 2 rolls of wallpaper with the same batch number, however, I have another roll with a different batch number as the wallpaper in question has now gone out of stock at the retailer where I purchased it from & if I need more will probably only get more on eBay with further different batch numbers. The pattern is a brick pattern in a natural off white colour. How important is is that all the rolls need to be the same batch numbers? I wouldn't be wallpapering the entire room, possibly only one wall, but a large wall at that.

JoJoSM2 Thu 09-Nov-17 13:54:06

With different batch numbers, there’s a risk that the colours will be slightly different which could look awful. But they might as well be fine. Difficult to tell until you’ve tried.

planetclom Sat 11-Nov-17 02:12:51

I have always been paranoid about batch numbers drummed into me. A while back sent DH out with the batch number to brills... I hung it and it was so obviously wrong, sounds so silly but all the colours where ever so not the same, turns out it thought batches were bull shit so grabbed the neared roll.

Bowerbird5 Sat 11-Nov-17 02:46:48

I try to get the same batch numbers but sometimes have used different ones. I usually put them on a different wall so not so noticeable. I would take the risk it is usually quite slight but sometimes there is a different tone of colour. Depends how much you love it. Any chance of checking other shops haven't got it?

Alicetherabbit Sat 11-Nov-17 07:24:32

Can you use the different batch on a different wall, may not be as obvious if not side by side?

youvegottobekidding Sat 11-Nov-17 13:52:09

It's this wallpaper that I want. I have 3 rolls now, which would be enough for the wall in question - DH is reluctant to have it done, not because he doesn't like it but because there's wallpaper up already & doesn't see the need to change it, but I've waited over a year to change it & now it's out of stock so ended up with different batch numbers!

I wouldn't have enough to do the other wall, Next have confirmed they are not expecting anymore stock, so it would be just the odd rolls on ebay. It could look ok & may not be obvious, or it could look really obvious? Knowing DH, he'd really not want to re-decorate knowing the rolls have different batch numbers, he can be so pedantic & this would give him more ammunition for his argument to not change wallpaper! I may just have to have an unfortunate accident trip & oops spilt my coffee all over the wall 🤣

GU24Mum Sat 11-Nov-17 18:52:49

It really depends on the pattern and how coloured it is as to how much variety there could be. A friend of mine wallpapered her bedroom cheaply in her teens with non-matching batches and it was clear where one roll ended and the other one started.

Years ago I worked in Laura Ashley and we always told people to buy more rolls of the same batch and bring back the unopened ones. Flash forward a week or so and there was invariably a call just after the shop opened from someone who hadn't done that and was chasing around trying to find the same batch.

Bluntness100 Sat 11-Nov-17 18:57:00

If you have the rolls can you hold them side by side and check? That wallpaper has variations in colour anyway so I would suspect it will be fine.

ReinettePompadour Sat 11-Nov-17 18:57:55

Is 1 end of the wall in constant light or shade? Use the odd one on that end and blame the light. Or maybe alternate each drop with each roll so it looks constant and then claim its intentional blush

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