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Looking for advice on Moving to Devon

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lour43 Wed 08-Nov-17 17:46:03

Hi all

Im new here and hoping for some advice.

We have made a family decision to move from the Kent countryside to somewhere in Devon next summer . I have two teenagers (one will be going into year 10 in sept 2018 and the other starting either year 12 or college).

We are ideally looking to rent initially, somewhere in between the countryside and the coast but don’t want to be too remote although not in a town either!! But priority will be given to areas that are in easy commute to school and college .

I run by own business and work from home but my husband is a head chef so although apparently he would get snapped up, it would also need to be an area where work is about.

Any ideas of where to start looking would be gratefully received .

Many thanks

Thumbcat Wed 08-Nov-17 17:57:23

I would think the most sensible approach would be for your husband to find a job first and then go from there.

MrsPussinBoots Thu 09-Nov-17 18:26:39

I’m in Torbay which is right on the coast and I love it but not great for commuting. You could try the villages around Newton Abbot or Totnes. Dartmouth is beautiful. Try the local Mumsnet board too.

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