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Matching rugs

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Ferrousfumerate1 Tue 07-Nov-17 14:49:35

We have a terraced house where the living room and dining room bit are combined - no through wall - although they are used differently.

In living room area, we have a Graham and Green rug. I've bought 5 other rugs to go alongside it in the other part of the room, and yet nothing looks right (I've obviously picked out colour combinations etc).

So I'm going to try the same rug. Matching rugs.


beepboopbeep Tue 07-Nov-17 14:53:02

Why do you need two rugs? I think a rug is a nice way to section off an area, but do you want one under a dining table? Won't wipe clean be better (presuming you have a hard floor)

ChardonnaysPrettySister Tue 07-Nov-17 14:56:57

I have rugs, new and vintage all over the house.

None of them match, but the more non matching items you have the better it looks, if that makes sense.

Hard to say about yours without a photo.

silkpyjamasallday Tue 07-Nov-17 15:03:56

We have the same layout as you with the two living spaces having an arch between them so almost open plan but not quite. I have coordinating rugs, both with red, yellow and green tones, they don't match as both are 60+ years old and from different middle eastern/African countries, but they look good together. I'd try and get something similar but not totally matching if I were you, chose something you like about it be that colour, texture or pattern and try to find something that has that one feature similar to the one you have.

JoJoSM2 Tue 07-Nov-17 22:07:18

Don't Graham and Green do some other ones you like? Often a shop will have particular style and their stuff works well.

Personally, I wouldn't use two identical rugs especially if they're patterned.

MerryInthechelseahotel Tue 07-Nov-17 22:09:43

I have matching rugs and it looks great.

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