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Contacting RMC? Damage to communal block paving access

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Riskybiscuits Tue 07-Nov-17 10:53:31

Hope someone can help. Freehold in a row of terraces facing two other rows, with a block paved road/driveway area in the middle. The drain channel across is bent/damaged, needing repair as all the bricks are breaking away. All 12 houses have shared responsibility for maintaining it according to the registry transfer doc.

Most houses here are rented so no one seems to know what to do, and we have only been here a couple of years ourselves- estate was build early 1990s. My neighbour (home owner) mentioned we have a management company but hasn't no details. I hope they might be involved either in repair or sorting out joint payment.

Is this right? I can't find anything in my paperwork about a registered management company, only the builders (company now wound up) so no one to contact. Would like to address as it's getting rapidly worse!

My questions- a) how can I find our RMC without paperwork or if this fails b) how can residents/ landlords/ agents all coordinate these repairs? Thanks

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