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Building contractor and spiralling costs

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Stingrayspike Mon 06-Nov-17 21:09:34

Hi, I own a leasehold flat and the roof is being done. After putting the scaffolding up the roofer told us that the chimney also needed doing and gave us a very expensive quote and told us unless he did the work all of the roofing cost would lose its guarantee. I could just about buy the argument that he couldn't see the chimney properly until the scaffolding is up but now he says my velux windows have to be replaced. Again his quote is very high and again he says if I don't use him the whole job will not be guaranteed. I feel like I'm being blackmailed. It was the freeholder who agreed to the terms of the contract. Does anyone know if I have any rights here? I have quotes from other firms to repair the windows at almost 1/10 of the price! Thanks

magpiemay Mon 06-Nov-17 21:51:19

If you are in England:

If the cost of the works is over £250 per leaseholder then the freeholder is bound by section 20 of the landlord and tenant act.

This means they must issue 2 notices, each with a a 30 day period for response, the first is a notice of intention and should allow you to put forward a contractor should you wish to,

The second is a notice of estimates and should include at least 3 comparable quotes

If this process is not followed or at least attempted to be followed and dispensation is not been granted by the first tier property tribunal- you are only liable to pay £250 of the costs of the work.

Look it up and write a strongly worded letter to your freeholder ASAP!

Stingrayspike Wed 08-Nov-17 21:36:26

Thank you Magpie, I will check it out

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